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Hi peeps! It’s time for this weeks edition of “Thankful Thursday”! I have so much to be thankful for it’s hard to choose what to write about. But I think I shall concentrate on one specific thankful thing this week … I realize y’all have probably had an overload of Emma Joy this past week, but I just have to tell you why I am so thankful for her. You see, it’s not just your typical I’m so glad I have a niece kinda story … she has a really special story and her life has changed my perceptions in ways I don’t typically talk about. I know that many of you know how she came to be part of our lives and family but for any readers who may not know … she was adopted by my brother and his partner. Oh my gosh melinda … that would mean she has two daddies! Well yes, yes she does. Lucky girl! Where on earth did they get her? Well, now that’s an enitrely different story that isn’t my story to share but let’s suffice it to say she is human, she was not purchased and had they not adopted her, she wouldn’t be here at all. In fact, it is a miracle in and of itself that she is here because she was suppose to have been aborted and had an unplanned conversation not taken place, that is exactly what would have happened to her. I cannot now nor will I ever be able to express to anyone how thankful I am that her fate was altered. I realize that it would seem like a direct conflict in relation to the aspect of my spiritual views that I am completely accepting of gay adoption but it isn’t at all … at least not for me it isn’t. For one, it beats the crap out of the option of abortion anyday, secondly, it is a way better option than her biological parents would have been (and I can say that with full knowledge and confidence), thirdly, growing up in a foster home is difficult at best plus it’s not a forever family. Will her life be peachy perfect everyday, as much as I would like to say yes to that, I am certain the answer is no, but what child does have a perfect life? This is what I do know for an absolute certain fact: she is loved beyond measure, she is healthy and well cared for, she is surrounded by a family & extended family who would storm the gates of hell with a water pistol for her if necessary, she will never be hungry or cold and most importantly she was given a chance to be born. How do I rationalize my faith in relation to her adoption? I don’t have to, it isn’t my place to. It is only my place to love her. It is my place to be the example I should be to her in every aspect of my life, just like I have tried to do with my own daughters. I suppose the point of my post can be summed up as this: Life is not always perfect, life is not always what we plan for ourselves or the people we love, never be to quick to judge anothers decisions because I would imagine your back porch has some cobb webbs also, if we look for the possitives instead of the negatives and step out to do the right thing this world would be such a better place. It’s hard to understand views different than our own but that’s ok we are human afterall, Love and compassion are much better options than hate and distain. And I am ever so thankful this Thursday along with every Thursday that she is ours, that she belongs to our family. Her life has taught me lessons that I had managed to not learn in almost 40 years and changed thought patterns that I had long held as truth. Thank you Emma Joy for making me a better me, I love you!


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  1. courtney

    This made me cry. I’m so glad Emma Joy is here, she is a true joy to those who know her and why she’s here.

    I love you! :)

  2. Amy

    Awww – you made me cry too. And think. (you know how I hate to think) Some very deep insights there, girl. I have never even met Emma Joy but I feel I know her – and I know I love her! Because she has brought such joy to a special family who so needed it, and deserved it! God truly is miraculous! LUV YA!

  3. Jodie

    You made me cry, too. Melinda, There is nothing wrong with two daddies. I think it would be kinda cool to have two daddies to protect me…and spoil me(oops did I say “spoil”) What matter is Emma Joy is loved VERY much. She is so blessed with such a large extended family in her life.

  4. Thad Bentley

    Made you cry… What about me? What Melinda didn’t tell you is that without her, we would not be the proud parents of Emma Joy! I think everyone of us are so lucky to have family and friends that love and support us no matter what.

    We certainly hope that we can provide Emma Joy a life that includes this same unconditional love.

  5. chrisi

    i am so lucky to have emma joy as my little “beby” (as she calls herself) cousin. it is now hard to remember what life was like without her, she makes our family so happy. we are all so very proud of her and she is love oh so much, in case you couldn’t tell.

  6. chrisi

    and yes…i cried too.

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