* hmmm can you figure it out? …

Posted on March 13th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

my cool new look …


after sitting out at anna’s game in sub degree temp. & rain!


Hello! It is once again Friday the 13th … are you hearing chhh chhh chhh sounds in your pretty little heads? I know I am! Ok, so what if I sometimes hear voices sounds in my twisted little head … is that an issue for you? Yeah, I didn’t think so! And now, a little weekend blog business … the man of my house is out of town this weekend … no, we will not be having a party at my house, sorry! I’m begining to wonder if he has some truck stop hooker/waitress girlfriend in Kansas that he goes to see on a somewhat regular basis. Not really but it’s a funny thought anyway, he knows David or Bradley would tell on him if he were to attempt some act of misbehaving …wait! let me rethink that, David would tell, Bradley could easily be bribed to keep his mouth shut, that is until he needed something from yours truly then he would dime Richard out so quick my head would spin (speaking of creepy scary things). So what’s this chick to do without her man to keep her busy all weekend … well lets play a game and see if you smart peeps can figure it out. Here we go …

What shall I have for dinner tonight? There are two options, please pick option A. or option B.

option A.

option B.

I plan to spend alot of time doing one of the following, again please pick option A. or option B.

option A.

option B.

I will also be spending time with one of the following … which will it be? option A. or option B.?

option A.

option B.

I feel that one on one time is important, thus I will be having some quality one on one time with one of the options below … whichever shall it be? option A. or option B.

option A.

option B.

and just in case you need a hint … cause I am sure you are in a huge quandry about which options you should go with … I plan to wear my favorite uniform through out the enitre options process!


yes yes … I know you are so jealous you can’t stand yourselves that you don’t have a hot uniform like mine!

ps: are you thinking “dear gosh this girl has way too much time on her hands”? and yes, I only made the bed so I could take the picture (so there … at least I’m honest)


7 Comments on “* hmmm can you figure it out? …”

  1. chrisi

    okay, my answers are: a, a, b, a.
    do i win??

  2. melinda

    yes, you win! you wanna know what the winner gets? the grand prize is (drum roll) you get all the options I didn’t choose … so come on up and I’ll give um to you! love you.

  3. Frannie....

    B, A, A, A…junk food, computer, lazing in pjs and taking a nap seems like the correct way to spend the weekend…so enjoy yourself.

  4. melinda

    yeah, one would think my mother in law might fix my poor little self some lasagna or something so I won’t starve while I’m all alone this weekend!

  5. Frannie....

    I forgot to mention watching the ACC tournament. GO TARHEELS!!!!!!

  6. Cathy

    b,a,b,a i know i am right and i will decline the prize chrisi can have it. hope you get warm. enjoy your peaceful weekend

  7. chrisi

    no thanks mom!! and cathy…mom already said i am right! your answer is wronggg. mawmaw if you make lasagna, call me before you come over so i can change my plans for tonight :)

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