* Wooooo! a baby dedication …

Posted on March 15th, 2009 by melinda in The Church House


Today was a very special day down at the church house … for two very different reasons! Let’s start with the most important of the two … reason #1. today was Hannah Grace’s baby dedication. She would be the youngest daughter of mr. preacher man and his beautiful wife Anita. Eric (aka: mr. preacher man) did the dedication himself, making it an even more special moment in her life, the lives of her family and our church family. She is a mini me version of her daddy, just like her older sister, Faith, is a mini me version of her mommy. Yours truly got to be the official photographer for the important event (not because I possess any super duper photo’in abilities but because I happened to be sitting on the front pew with the best camera access) Someday I’ll have to explain why I sit on the front pew, it isn’t because I’m being punished for any evil deed or anything, well I don’t think it is anyway. But for now, I thought I’d share some pictures of miss Hannah on her special day!

baby Hannah …

baby Hannah and her ever so beautiful mommy, Anita …

I took some of their entire family but they were on her mommy’s camera so I didn’t have any of them to post. Maybe someone will email me some of them in the near future!

And now on to the 2nd special (not special like Hannah’s dedication but more like “you know that so and so … they are special” as in slow) happening down at the church house this morning … mr. preacher man was in the midst of delivering his flock an eloquent message on “Living the Life”, the sermon came from the book of Daniel, who was a man’s man to say the least, I like Daniel alot. Now please note, because of prior stated baby dedication our church was extra full this morning with mr. preacher man & Anita’s families, this will become important in a minute so just be patient. Yours truly was taking her studious notes for future trivia cheating reference when low and behold it happened … mr. preacher man did the unthinkable … he somehow managed to tactfully and pointedly reference none other than the Nature Boy Rick Flair himself … right smack in the middle of his message. An instant clearing of my throat was unavoidable and apparantly Cathy got that same scratchy throat at the exact same time as me because I’m pretty sure, that even though I couldn’t sing in unison if someone were holding a gun to my head, that the two of us loudly cleared our throats at the exact same harmonious moment. Don’t laugh! It was far better than falling out of the pew in a fit of laughter, which was my more immediate then squashed because I was in the church house, reaction. Mr. preacher man, however, did not miss a lick … didn’t even noticably chuckle to himself … kept right on a gettin’ it. The sermon was good, it had many many good points and when the next good point arose I had an overwhelming desire to shout in church, which I never ever do (I’m serious, I don’t … not sure why, I just don’t) the bigger problem was this … I had no desire to shout an Amen or a preach it brother as affirmation of my agreement to his point … I wanted to loudly shout WOOOOOO! in agreement to whatever point he may have just made. I won’t lie, it was hard to restrain myself, but I managed for several reasons … I like my church and would prefer not to be asked to leave and never return … Eric & Anita’s parents were there and would most likely not have understood nor appreciated my sense of humor, unlike the rest of my church family they haven’t had years to adapt (or learn to overlook and just say “bless her”) to my sometimes not so normal take on things church related … and lastly, my children would have died a thousand deaths right there in the pew beside of me. But believe you me, my little demon inner self was laughing like a hyena smokin’ crack. I had to repeat over and over in my twisted little head “get the behind me satan, I will not embarass myself at the church house … at least not today anyway”! Seriously, if you don’t go to church and you live near us, you should come join us … we’d love to have you and mr. preacher man really does make some excellant points … WOOOOO!


5 Comments on “* Wooooo! a baby dedication …”

  1. courtney

    I’m not a shouter either, but if you feel the spirit (and it sounds like Rick Flair) maybe you just need to give a shout. haha. I love you and this made me chuckle. :)

  2. chrisi

    hahahaha. thank you for not WOOOOOOO-ing!

  3. Cathy

    All I can say is WOOOOOO!

  4. chrisi

    you’re such a redneck.

  5. Wayne

    great not me monday I remember RIck Flair he was awsome

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