* family pictures that don’t suck …

Posted on March 16th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Hi! Do y’all when remember when we traveled to TN a week or so ago for Emma Joy’s first birthday? Well, of course you do. Anyway, while we were there, we had family pictures made. This may not seem unusual to you more organized peeps but for us it is somewhat akin to launching a space ship. We do good to all be up and dressed at the same time much less, look finely coiffed (that means done up) for formal pictures. Now, don’t start gettin’ the impression that we don’t take pictures around here, cause we do, all the time … in fact, most anything can turn into a photo’in opportunity … it’s all fair game. The problem with that is, it’s probably not proper for one’s self portrait to be of one burning ear wax out of their ears. That’s just a guess on my part, that may be completely normal and I just don’t know it. But either way, my little brother gave us fair warning that we would be posing for pictures while there for Emma Joy’s birthday and I could not find any way around it without hurting his tender feelings (that I wasn’t even aware he possessed prior to the last time I refused to get my portrait made). I have a strong notion that the whole picture takin’ thing may have been why my loving husband did not bring his fanny to Tennessee but he will not admit that. Please note while looking at these pictures, I truly hate having my picture made … I didn’t like having my picture made when I was skinny and I don’t like it now but since I will inevitably need some help with something in the future from Thad, I smiled happily and cheesed it up for the camera. I must admit, they aren’t so bad … hope you enjoy a few of them! If you want to see the rest of them, hollar at me or email me and I will give you the link to bentley picture wonderland … but only if you promise not to A. sell them to some porn site or B. throw darts at them!







10 Comments on “* family pictures that don’t suck …”

  1. chrisi

    these all turned out to be such great pictures, if i do say so myself! love youu!

  2. chrisi

    p.s. i think i look like you in the bottom picture :)

  3. courtney

    Aww, these are really good. I love the one of you three lovely ladies at the bottom! :)

  4. Donna

    Such a beautiful family. I like the one of you and the girls. All three of you are beautiful!

  5. Jason

    Aww…they look good…There is your sweet comment from me…that should last you about a month :)

  6. chrisi

    durm- we all know you can only be nice once a month. are you back from florida?

  7. melinda

    First of all, thank you all for the nice comments, and especially thank you to my long time friend Donna for stopping by & leaving such a sweet comment!

    Now, durmire (not even sure why you bother typing jason, that confuses me) you know you love my family everyday! we keep you entertained, besides you just keep coming back for more! apples to apples challenge soon?

  8. Mom Anita

    Pictures are great! You should do that more often!!

  9. melinda

    mama anita! where on earth have you been? I thought you had jumped the blog ship on me! I’ve missed you & your sweet comments!

  10. Amy Barnes

    The pictures are GREAT!! I love them! =]

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