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Hi … it is once again time for our weekly dose of “Thankful Thursday”! Once again, I can think of about a bazillion things I have to be thankful for. This week we are going to talk about one in particular that I am truly thankful for … I am thankful for my job! I am thankful that I enjoy my job most days and I work with people I genuinely like. For many years, I didn’t have a job that I enjoyed, I worked in a furniture factory and it was hard, hot, dirty, tiring work. But before I go any further, I want to add this about working in a factory … it taught me many many lessons that I have carried with me through my almost 21 years in the full time employment sector of society. I learned the value of an honest days work, I learned to respect the pride that people put into the work they do, I learned that you go to work even when you don’t feel like it because there were no “sick days”, I learned that I don’t like working without air conditioning, I learned that I could easily be replaced and was reminded of it more than once, and I learned many other things that have proven to serve me well over the years, I learned that none one, including myself, is too good or above working in a factory, I learned that the word education means many different things and book learning is only a part of a real education. I also learned how to cuss better & smoke more, both of which I could’ve lived happily ever after without. Almost 11 years ago, I went to work at my current job … and I hope to retire from there someday. Not that somedays I don’t wish I would win the lottery but I think I would feel that way if I worked for myself. I count myself lucky to even have a steady job these days. I readily admit that I know very little about the who, what, when and why’s about our economy, I only know it has devasted our County, that there are no jobs for laborers to have if they’ve lost their job. I know I see people who have worked their entire lives for a home that they can no longer pay for and it makes me disheartened to turn on the news and see companies passing out huge bonuses or not being held accountable for taxpayers money that was given to them. I want to believe that our government has all of it’s citizens best interest in mind, not just the upper level of society. Since I have no earthly idea what the solution would be, and I know people way smarter than me about these things read my blog … I would be really interested in your opinions on the matter. What would be your solution to our economic woes? If you had one chance to sit down in front of Congress & our President or on a state level, our Governor, what would you say? I’m curious! and I’m thankful that tomorrow morning, even if I’m sleepy and would like to go to work in pajama’s, that I will be going to work … I am thankful that I have learned to never take my job for granted.


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  1. Cathy

    I think that everyone should work in a factory at least once in their life to really be thankful for the job they do have.(Its really fun when you are about 8 mths pregnant and you have parts of your body sweating you didn’t know could)and nobody cares how you feel

  2. courtney

    I can honestly say I have no clue where to start with these problems, but I for one would rather our president not take the time to televise his March Madness picks and appear on late night tv. I’m not saying he’d actually solve the nation’s problems during the time he spent doing that, but it just bothers me.

  3. melinda

    oh my sweet little conservative courtney … you made me smile. but don’t you think those things make him seem more personal? more in touch with the peon public? i mean, he did pick carolina to win it all, can’t we cut him a little slack? i would be willing to bet, more people watched him on leno then watched the state of the union address. i do,however, see your point … you are so your father’s daughter! i love you so very much!

  4. courtney

    I think that illustrates my point. He is our president! I don’t want him to be on the same level to the American people as our 15 minute of fame freakshows. At this point he is more of a celebrity than an authority figure. I’m not saying that I expect him to be able to fix our problems with a wave of his hand, but I think that many of the people who voted for him expect him to be a kind of messiah, a savior for them.

    I love you to Melinda. And I didn’t really mean to turn your post into a political debate. :)

  5. melinda

    courtney, you surely don’t think I would be offended or miss out on a good political debate now do ya? I have thought long and hard about your response and in response to your response I would say … I see your point (again) but I think a big part of the reason he won to begin with is his ability to relate to your everyday joe. I understand the need for a higher level of respect, but I do think the general public craves a leader that does not seem so completely out of touch with the reality of common people. your turn :)

  6. melinda

    ps: I love you and are you home for your mommy’s birthday?

  7. courtney

    I love you. And sadly I am not home for Mommy’s birthday. I was home last weekend and then I will be home for my birthday next weekend. She’s off at TC Roberson for Will’s ballgame today…
    Relatability is one thing, but the fact that his face on numerous items is single-handedly keeping businesses afloat is preposterous. He is the president, he is not Jesus. I have no doubt that he can do things to turn our economic downturn around, but I don’t think he can do that by cracking jokes on late night tv. I don’t disagree that people want a leader who is not out of touch with the reality of the common people, but I want a leader I can respect and one that is doing something to combat many of the crises we are facing.

  8. chrisi

    off topic– courtney can we go out for your birthday next weekend?

  9. melinda

    Courtney my darling … I have not decided on a response yet but I am thinking on it … I’ll get back to ya! I love you!

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