* round and round we go …

Posted on March 24th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


This my friends, is my evil nemesis! …


I cannot operate this piece of very high tech equipment to save my soul …


my ineptness plagues me to no end …


can you decipher what the object is? do you know? …


Yep … that’s it! My evil nemesis (for today anyway) is my dadgum round brush. I confess, I am round brush challenged! I’m not sure why I even own a round brush, it probably stemmed from one of my semi annual visits to the hair salon. When I for one split second, lost my mind & went to Walmart and pooped bought all sorts of hair paraphernalia, while promising myself that my daily hairdo would no longer include a pony tail holder as the primary focus. Apparantly, I sometimes mislead myself just for the fun of it. I am not a hair doin’ person. I find it triffling and boring. It interrupts my sleep if I have to get up early to “fix” my hair. I end up with mousse on my clothes, gel in my ears, hair paste on my nose … it’s not a pretty sight. As for the demonic round brush … well the best way to describe it would be … a brush within a rats nest within a squirrels tail within a donkeys mane. I get that bad boy twisted up 72 ways from sideways. I usually end up cutting a big chunk of hair out simply to free the round brush from it’s imprisonment within my scalp. It’s a highly dangerous procedure. Do not try it at home! I have two words of wisdom concerning hair care: a. thank heaven for pony tail holders & b. always make sure you have a can of rave #4 handy!


11 Comments on “* round and round we go …”

  1. courtney

    Bless your heart!
    I sometimes have a wee bit of trouble with it too, but I’ve never had to cut my hair to save it from the round brush. I love you and wish you the best in your round brush endeavors. :)

  2. chrisi

    it must be genetic because i can not figure out how to use the round brush either. poor abbie has tried to teach me, with no success. love you!

  3. Judy Hammer

    It looks so easy when the person fixing your hair is doing it. Then when I do it it is all backwards. You are not alone.

  4. melinda

    thank you thank you thank you! I am so relieved to know that I am not alone in the world of the round brush challenged! I don’t feel quite so inept now.

  5. Jodie

    Throw that thing in the garbage. It is dangerous, and should have warnings labels on it.

  6. Eric

    Yes, it is terrible.

  7. chrisi

    so terrible that eric decided no hair at all was better than trying to put up a fight against the round brush!

  8. Frannie....

    It would be easier if we had hair like your mr preacher man

  9. melinda

    I think Eric ought to get him one of those tv preacher hair do’s and then he may appreciate my dislike for the round brush a little more. I’m sure it takes alot of effort on his part to fix his hair in the mornings, bless him!

  10. chrisi

    on his behalf, faith did tell me that he fixed her hair curly for her last sunday.

  11. Eric

    If i ever make tv preacher money then I will get one of those tv preacher hairdo’s because I could afford a nice rug then.

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