* Wait! Elvis has not left the building …

Posted on March 25th, 2009 by church in The Church House


Ladies & Gentleman we are honored to have a special guest as our blog focal point tonight! I happen to be good friends with this person, he has personally performed at our house for a special occassion, I have seen him live many times and he might even acknowledge my presence if he were to see me in public … I could probably even be considered a groupie. I have followed him to singing engagements, applauded his talent, even made a request a time or two. I know and adore his parents, his wife and beautiful child! So when he becomes rich & famous, I am so gonna remind him of those things! He reads our blog but has never once commented. I think that’s because he doesn’t want me to be inundated with fan mail or crazzies who may be stalking him. You know, famous people have to deal with those issues a lot. I mean us peon’s don’t have to be concerned with those sorts of things but I try to think about it from his perspective and not get my feelings hurt that he doesn’t leave us a shout out once in a while. So if you are ever in need of a performer … give me a hollar, I got the inside track on this one. I promise, you will not be disappointed, he really is very talented and I am so fortunate to get to hear him sing on a regular basis. And if you’re lucky, maybe he will bring his daughter with him, her voice will amaze you! Below are some pictures of Elvis Marty singing to Hannah on her dedication day. Enjoy!

ps: this is one of those times when I am thankful, again, for people in my life that I may not take the time to tell them how much I truly care about them. So to the Johnson’s … I love you guys great big ole bunches!





pss: Denise, would you please feed that boy something!


22 Comments on “* Wait! Elvis has not left the building …”

  1. chrisi

    i love the johnsons!

  2. lm

    I never knew Marty could sing. I only knew he could yell – I learned that from him coaching me in basketball.

  3. earpie

    Having a “Elvis” friend could always be beneficial.

  4. melinda

    well, I have no clue who lm is and I had no clue marty coached basketball … I know he loves him some carolina tarheel basketball & I bet he will be piled up watching tv tonight & tomorrow night. The yelling thing? that’s funny, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him raise his voice but then again, I can yell pretty loud myself and most of you have probably never heard me raise my voice either. and if you are my child (chrisi) you best be kind and not tell everyone how loudly I can yell or I will so ground your cute little patootie!

  5. chrisi

    mom never had to coach a team, she yelled enough as a parent. i will not tell how loudly she yells…but i’m sure you can guess. :)

  6. Robynn's Ravings

    Oh my! Hope you feel better. That Mucinex stuff works wonders, too. I should know – we’ve all had snot visiting for far too long and are ready to be done now!

    Found you while waiting for PW to answer more questions in live chat. I’m browsing around.

    Anyway, hope you sleep well with all this stuff down you, on you, and around you! lol

    Blessings. :)

  7. melinda

    christina joy … you are so grounded!

  8. lm

    Maybe the hollering came from his martial arts

    • melinda

      lm … still have no clue as to your identity … but I did know Marty did martial arts. I’m pretty sure it’s cause he lives with Denise and he had to learn to defend himself :)

  9. Mom Anita

    Melinda – You must unground Chrisi now. All parents yell. It’s not only acceptable, it’s expected. Sometimes it’s how we tell our kids (who are doing stupid things that they were not raised to do) that we love them!!

    • melinda

      mom anita? are you sure I have to unground her? to be honest the whole grounding thing never did work out to good around here anyway! glad you came by the blog today, I miss you commenting!

  10. Mom Anita

    Writing essays always worked much better than grounding (that grounding trash was hard on me) and I always insisted on correct spelling, grammar and punctuation! They were just grounded till they got the essays completed to my satisfaction and it didn’t take them to long to get the job done!! I do visit your blog fairly regularly and I do enjoy it!!

  11. Marty/Elvis

    Thank you so much for the little white lies and would love to have you as a groupie.I want you to know I love you,richard, and the girls.You’re my little sister I never had.I really enjoy your teaching wed. night you do a great job!Love you mean it,follow that dream baby.

  12. melinda

    I didn’t tell any little white lies! And I sure hope you’re getting songs ready for Anna’s graduation party this coming June! And I am absolutely honored to be your little sister, what a blessing. Does this mean Denise can’t ever be mean to me for any reason ever? I’m playing, whatever would I do without Denise to encourage me and challenge me and make me think in directions I might not have thought about … by the way, thanks for finally leaving a comment, see it wasn’t so bad now was it? you can probably even do it again sometime. And show your wife how to work the computer so she can read along too!

  13. melinda

    ps: I know Bubba too!

  14. lm

    Melinda – I am so shocked that you don’t know who I am. You have known me for many, many years.

  15. melinda

    Ok lm … I have thought, inquired of others and puzzled my brain … give it up, who are you? Please don’t make me throw a fit right here on my own blog :)

  16. lm

    I thought I might tell my identity but I think it might be fun to see you throw a fit on your blog! Think real hard things are not always as they appear on a screen.

  17. melinda

    ok lm, this is the evidence I have to go on … marty coached you in basketball, you didn’t know he could sing, which means you don’t go to our church and you weren’t at chrisi’s graduation party, you know he does marital arts and I have known you for a long long time and your name is not as it appears on the screen? have I got it all right so far? I’m trying my derndest here to figure it out without throwing out here on my blog cause that would be so ugly!

  18. melinda

    ps: maybe I will offer a “reward” for anyone with information leading to a possitive ID!

  19. lm

    What’s my identity worth to you?

  20. melinda

    let me think on that … I am still in detective mode!

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