* no: not in any degree or manner … yeah right!

Posted on March 27th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Have I ever told y’all that my daddy (better known as bapa) has no earthly clue how to tell either of his grand daughters “no”? Well, he doesn’t! They have him wrapped tightly around their little fingers. He says “I wouldn’t have had you and Thad if I could’ve had Chrisi, Anna & Emma Joy without having y’all first”. I’m not so sure that he doesn’t really mean that! And because he cannot say “no” Richard and I are now the proud grand dog parents of this …


you have a grand dog that looks like a mop with eyes? yes, yes we do! And who is the now absent mother of this creature that we are dog sitting tonight?


well, I’ll be … there she is. She aptly named him Bentley, in honor of her bapa. And then headed straight to petco to buy puppy paraphernalia. She spiffied her new pound puppy up all sparkly clean & smellin’ good. Of course, that was after a big sucking up thank you to her bapa …


and then she dropped him off at our house while she went on a date (it’s a long story but basically we didn’t think it would be good for Bentley to spend his first night as well, A Bentley, all alone in his & Chrisi’s compartment) So he’s hanging out with his pepaw Richard on the dirty, ugly, overly animal crowded sofa …


what you don’t see in that picture is the 3 kittens piled up on the other end of the sofa …

Dozer & Sadie are saying “you have got to be freakin’ kidding me” …


welcome to the zoo we call home Bentley! we hope you enjoy the stay & we’ll leave the light on for ya.

Bentley was adopted from the Alexander County Animal Shelter, had he not been adopted he would’ve been euthanized after a period of time. It’s no secret that we love our animals around here, but we also want to be responsible pet owners. If you are looking for an animal, I would really encourage you to check out your local animal shelter or humane society before spending a ton of money on a “fashionable” pedigree dog or cat. All of our animals including Janie (but not all of our horses) are either rescue or abandoned animals. The adoption fee includes all shots, worming & getting them fixed so the world can be less populated with unwanted animals. You can access their sight here to check out the animals up for adoption. OR … we have 3 more beautiful little kittens that are ready to be adopted! Email me or leave me a comment if you are interested.

ps: and just because I cannot possibly leave Janie out (lest I be cut from my father’s will) … here she is giving daddy a hug! For those of you who are not familiar with Janie, she is a story all her own and I can so see that being a blog post in the near future so come back to check up on her.


10 Comments on “* no: not in any degree or manner … yeah right!”

  1. Jodie

    Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Very cute pictures. Congradulations on your new addition GRANDMA! The kids have wanted a dog for a long time. I wish we could get one, but can’t right now.
    As for the kittens..I told you I am waiting for you to bring the kitten here. :~)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. chrisi

    my bentley is so cute! and thanks so much mom and richard for dog-sitting!

  3. Frannie....

    So now I am a great grand mother….how lovely!

  4. Mom Anita

    What cute pets you have and how fortunate they are to have your family!! I keep telling Steve our dog needs a playmate, but he rather firmly informs me that she has me and that is quite enough!

  5. Eric

    I am disgusted. You begged and pleaded for me to take one of those kittens and you run out and get a what? A DOG! Don’t play that cat loving person with me, we see who wins out. It wasn’t those animals at the end of the couch(Kittens).

  6. melinda

    she should be ashamed shouldn’t she? I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Randall is highly allergic to cats … it does look like he could just hold his breath or something while he’s there doesn’t it? men! it’s always the man’s fault!

  7. chrisi

    eric, you have no idea how long i have wanted a puppy! and randall is highly allergic to cats so we can’t get a kitten. so that means you will have to take an extra one since i can’t have one.

  8. Eric

    How ironic. It is just the opposite here, cats are allergic to me because any time they get around me they seem to fall over dead.

  9. chrisi

    its because you’re hateful. i’m still searching for where it says preachers should be nice in the Bible.

  10. chrisi

    to anyone else reading this–i don’t really think my preacher is hateful, i just like giving him a hard time about needing a kitten :)

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