* the angry sleeping ghost rides again …

Posted on March 28th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


I seriously think I must have done something to anger the spirit of the “sleeping late” ghost! It’s like a cruel trick of nature … a freakish thing really. Monday thru Friday, I drag myself out of bed at 6:00 am, half awake, my eye lids stuck together with elmer’s eye booger glue. I then make my way to the kitchen (which is about 10 whole feet from the bedroom in our fancy double wide treller) stepping on an assortment of animals, shoes & dog food remnants as I go. I start the coffee, (I don’t even drink coffee), and pray to Jesus to please let me wake up enough to put on clothes that actually match and don’t smell bad to go to work. And I do go to work, every day I go. Which means, I have one day a week to sleep in … ONE! that’s all and I’d be ok with that if I ever did really sleep in on Saturday. But oh no … that would be way to easy, instead my body has apparantly, against my will, been programed to fly up out of bed at 6:30 am on Saturday mornings with the distinct notion that everything in my house must be cleaned, scoured & scrubbed prior to 8:02 am or the world will suddenly come to an abrupt halt and the existance of mankind hinges on the ever so important issue of my ability to scrub a dadgum toilet. My husband is sleeping, Anna is sleeping, Sadie & Dozer are sleeping … heck even the baby kittens are sleeping. Is melinda sleeping in on this yucky, raining, I have no where to go, nothing important to be done today Saturday Morning? Um No, no I’m not … I am wide friggin awake … and I am a bit miffed about it. However, the world is safe … the laundry is going, the coffee is made, the kitchen is clean and one toilet has been sufficiently ridded of it’s orange glowing ring of grime. Next up … chocolate chip pancakes! You should all thank me now for saving the Universe this morning … it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it … I just wish it were someone besides me cause I would much rather be sleeping late!


5 Comments on “* the angry sleeping ghost rides again …”

  1. chrisi

    i couldn’t sleep late either if it makes you feel any better. bentley could, but i couldn’t. he pottied outside this morning :)

  2. Frannie....

    So why wasn’t I invited over for a chocolate chip pancake.

  3. melinda

    come on over my favortie mother in law … and after you eat pancakes you can help me clean house & do laundry … that’s a wonderful plan. and if all the stars align correctly in my favor, you can then whoop me up a lasagna for dinner!

  4. Mom Anita

    Exactly how does one make chocolate chip pancakes? Can’t say I’ve ever had one, but they sound interesting. Do you serve chocolate syrup with them?

  5. melinda

    I use whatever premade pancake mix I have (this morning it was bisquick but I’ve also used aunt jamima) just mix the batter up, add a little vanilla, a bit of sugar & pour in some chocolate chips. Pour on the griddle & cook just like regular pancakes. It is imparative to mix the chips in with the batter, Once I didn’t & added them as I was cooking and it was a huge mess. I have never tried chocolate syrup with them but that sure does sound good, I will have to remember that. I just used the log cabin kind you heat up in the microwave because my spoiled children like warm syrup. Please note, as soon as Chrisi checked the blog this morning, She and Bentley headed up to mom’s house for breakfast! Try um out sometime, they’re easy and a good treat for everybody.

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