* a tale of two sisters …

Posted on March 29th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Once upon a time in the Land of The Devil’s Track there lived two little girls. Their mommy loved them very much, their Nana & Bapa thought the sun rose and set in them, their Uncles spoiled them rotten and the rest of their family & friends liked them pretty much too! One of them, the oldest, the princess, was very girly. She didn’t much like the outdoors or anything remotely related to getting dirty but she loved all things prissy. The youngest, the angel, loved being outside, the more dirt the better as far as she was concerned. These girls grew and grew until one day they were young women. Somedays they even like eachother, some days … not so much. Over time, as we watched them grow the strangest thing did not happen, neither of them changed a bit. Oh, their appearances changed, our conversations changed, their wardrobes changed … but the things they enjoy doing didn’t change. One bright, sunny Sunday afternoon, their mommy, who is still crazy about them, was blessed by having an afternoon to enjoy spending time with each of them.




The mommy first got to admire her youngest as she groomed & cared for her horses, she watched in awe as her little girl calmed the animals and laughed at the angel for being silly while her mommy photographed her.




All the while the princess was waiting for some one on one mommy time and she would not be disappointed. The princess and her mommy spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen whoopin’ up some special treats from Bakerella’s recipe inventory, we laughed, we fussed … we made a mess. It was wonderful. The day ended with a house full of family & friends enjoying some great Carolina basketball & eating like the 20 little pigs. And then, off to dreamland they went and they all lived happily ever after!

to be continued for what this mommy hopes will be a very very long time …


3 Comments on “* a tale of two sisters …”

  1. Judy

    Your family is very much normal. You have two of the best blessings in the world. They are both beautiful girls just like their mother. Sometimes it is fun that people are so different.

  2. chrisi

    i love love love the second picture of anna and jack. what a wonderful story of the two girls, i am soo lucky to be one of these two :)
    love you!

  3. Amy

    Awww, you make me want to cry . . . & kiss all 3 of you!! Love every picture of your beautiful girls. And btw, I also had a splendid weekend with my angel/princess – who chose to spend her 21st Bday with her family! We are indeed very blessed!!

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