* grrr …

Posted on March 30th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Holy crappy cow! My internet is on the fritz tonight. I am about to go into dt’s … withdrawals, panic mode … you name it, I’m on the edge of it. I mean how can the masses 7 people who actually read our blog on a regular basis possibly survive the night if I am unable to perform my duties as your loyal blog host. I mean there are some things of great importance waiting no needing to be blogged about ~ like for instance: what I might have done today or the fact that I have not washed underwear lately or my newly aquired knowledge, gained today, concerning chickens being good therrrrpy for crazy intellectually challenged people ~? It would be a tragedy of unspeakable proportions if I didn’t get to share it with y’all! Speaking of the whole chicken therrrrypy thing, I am now concerned that Anna and her gangsta grannies may decide to dress up like chickens just to see if it really does sooth the soul. Please don’t mention the idea to her if you happen to see her, ugly is the only direction that could possibly go. Besides learning about the calming effects of chickens, whom are in the bird category as far as I’m concerned and are only good for two things: eating & producing eggs. Come to think of it, chicken was the ultimate begining of my bird hatred issues. I also learned that one can evidentaly easily contract polo, yep, polo … not pol-I-o but polo. I’m not sure what the symptoms are but the obvious outcome of this ferly dangerous affliction is a big ole fat dose of … you go insane at a rapid pace and start looking to chickens for comfort. Who knew?!

Calling the mothership … please beam me up now, in fact this very instant would be great timing. Thanks to a phone call from my ex bff Cat, my husband is now flipping the channels of our 1932 console tv back & forth between CSI Miami & Repo Man (he must not have noticed that WWF is on yet, I should be grateful for small favors) what would ever possess my bff to call & tell him that the dude on Repo Man is throwing someone in a dumpster? The better question would be, why is Cat watching Repo Man to begin with? Doesn’t she have someone that needs locking up?Could one of y’all please go speed or something so she’ll have to go to work. And even if she were going to watch trashy tv … does she really need to share it with my trashy tv lovin’ husband? What have I done to need merit that kind of punishment? Huh? what’d I do? After an hour of this, I’m gonna need some chicken therrrrpy myself! thans a lot.


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  1. Judy

    Oh Melinda, I got to watch the wrestling with Haley. Not really my cup of tea, but she likes it. I guess it would be better than repo man, RIght?

    • melinda

      Judy, I think doing anything with Haley would be better than csi or repo man, even if I had to suck it up and watch some WWF …. WOOOOOO!

  2. Frannie....

    Don’t dish my CSI Miami….as for WWF…I thought you taderhill people were really into wrassling and Rick WOOOOOOO Flair.

  3. Frannie....

    Back again….I wanted to remind you that watching CSI Miami and listening to what your bff CAT learned from watching, I now know to wash my old, raggity underwear before throwing them away.

  4. Tony Jones

    See I tried to tell you last Friday Melinda is slap crazy when it comes to blogging, just a little computer problem throws her into some panic and she somehow thinks chickens can help. Holy straight jacket Batman this is getting serious……..and CSI is the worse show in the history of TV yes even worse than Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and the State of the Union address (I know its not a show but its still bad TV, thank goodness we have more than 3 channels now) and Ric FlairFlair the greastest wrestler of all time has sadly retired at age 117.retired…at age

  5. Tony Jones

    Hey my last comment had some technical problems there at the end..sorry. Maybe some of your madness has rubbed off on me

  6. chrisi

    now now, tony–dancing with the stars is not bad tv! bentley and i watched that last night. and mawmaw–only you and cathy would wash the undies before throwing them away.
    which reminds me…i can not wait to go camping next weekend! :)

  7. Mom Anita

    Loyal Blog Host: How did you ever survive before you discovered the cyber world of blogging? Not that I want you to give up blogging – I do enjoy reading your random thoughts!

  8. Cathy

    You stick with me Frannie then you and me will be the only ones who are not in jail because of our dirty underwear.

  9. marty

    Chickens do have a great calming effect,look how calm I am most of the time.Besides you can ring a chickens neck if it gives you any trouble(good therrrrpy).

  10. Amy

    In my experience, after being married for 21 years to a man with over 100,000 chickens to raise every couple months, 24/7, chickens have no calming effects whatsoever! In fact, QUITE the opposite! Btw, I’m so happy to have a chance to catch up with the blog!

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