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Posted on April 2nd, 2009 by melinda in "Thankful Thursday" ...

Do y’all remember a few weeks ago when I turned “Thankful Thursday” upside down on it’s head and made it “unThankful Thursday”? Well this week we are going to simply rotate it once to the right and make it “semiThankful Thursday”! Are you feeling a little crooked now? I typically feel a little “rotated” so no big deal for me. Right this minute I feel a little chilly & drenched. Apparantly, I cannot properly operate an umbrella … I learned an important lesson tonight … if you hold your umbrella at a backward tilt, while watching your daughter play soccer in a monsoon, the water will drip directly down the back of your ballgame chair, puddling right about your fanny area, thus making you look like you pee’d yourself from the excitment of the game! Not so much fun. Makes for a long ride home. Loving heated car seats!

I am only semi Thankful that my daughter played soccer tonight …


ya … she’s not right (I dropped her on her head one too many times)

I did semi laugh at the dirty girls … who did not mind playing in the rain one tiny bit! Casey, Danielle, Alyssa & Kelsey looking hot or nasty, whichever!


these would be the “John’s” girls … you ought to see them play soccer, they rock!


Danielle looks a little um … dazed?


Danielle’s gonna knock Alyssa out for some unknown reason! …


I am semi Thankful that my husband can entertain himself while I am sitting in the rain at the soccer game … not so sure Dozer was very thankful though … bless my sweet puppy!


Houston … we have a problem! I am certain that Sadie is not semi or even a tad bit Thankful that the kittens have taken up roost with Bear. Bear is Sadie’s child, her love, her best friend ever! …



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  1. chrisi

    dozer looks extremely unthankful. bless him.

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