* can I pahhleezee use your internet …..

Posted on April 11th, 2009 by melinda in camp town

hey y’all … I’ve got internet service for about two seconds here. The internet at the campground is “being repaired” which is a kind way for the staff here to say “it doesn’t freakin’ work right now stupid” soooo the poor man in the office took pitty on me, directed me to his permanant camp site & told me to “go ping off my bellsouth line for a minute you aggrivatin’ huzzie poor sweet soul” So here I am, hanging out among the cement woodland creatures “borrowing” some man I don’t know from Adam’s internet. It’s a little rainy this afternoon, the morning was very nice … Cat & I cooked breakfast outside while all the men folk & kiddos complained about being hungry. We only spit in it a couple of times! And just for your information, I am having to do some laundry while we’re here, which I’m sure is against some camping law. I have hijacked Michala to sit on my second favorite toy (mini being the first … perverts) so I don’t look like a complete idiot here in the woods I only appear to be half insane. I’m gonna scoot before someone really does call security & I have to try to explain that I wasn’t just tooling around the park looking for some internet access to check my blog. I’m pretty sure about 99.9% of the hillbillies camping folk here, except of course, the one’s I’m camping with, have no clue what a blog even is much less my overwhelming need to check it or update it.

Update: …. the above was from yesterday, Friday, about the time I hit post, my computer went dead. Go figure! Anyway, I am once again hijacking internet service from some unknown but very kind man here at the campground. It’s cold & windy but at least the sun is shining today, in fact this post may have 72 typos cause the sun is glaring off my computer screen. I am nearing the defcon level 5 area in my dt’s over not having internet service …. let’s just say I don’t do well with withdrawal. I did however get to witness the first fist fight in my history of camping today, it was kinda redneck, funny & a tad scarey all at once. Our camping neighbors, we don’t know them, threw down on their front porch this morning … it was quite the sight to say the least. They are all gone home now! And omg I have got to tell y’all about our “crazy boy” neighbor named Charles. The girls have been holed up in our camper for two entire days trying to avoid him. I feel sure he’ll be a post all his own I just have to talk him into letting me take his picture, which shouldn’t be hard, since his cell phone is now full of pictures of the girls, I think Chrisi is his new girlfriend and the default picture on Charles cell phone at this very moment! All I can say is … bless! Ok, I’m gonna scoot before the campers in this area of the park call security on me for the second time in one trip. Y’all have a happy easter … Happy Easter, Easter Bunny … bak bak!


5 Comments on “* can I pahhleezee use your internet …..”

  1. Jodie


  2. chrisi

    don’t act like anna and i were the only ones hiding from charles! and i think bentley is having withdrawals from camping…he thinks he’s supposed to be an outside dog now.

  3. melinda

    thank you Jodie, hope y’all had a great easter also.

  4. melinda

    and christina joy … I was not hiding from the sweet neighbor boy! I have no idea what you are talking about :) I enjoyed you coming with us this weekend, and Bently & Randall too!

  5. chrisi

    you are sooo lying mom! and cathy better not try and say she didn’t hide from him too. you spelled bentley’s name wrong…what’s up with that? i had a great time camping! love you!

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