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Posted on April 13th, 2009 by melinda in "Not Me Monday"

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to see what everybody else is not doing.

I am back from my long weekend of camping which means things are back to normal on the blog … And that means it’s time for “Not Me Monday” … kick back, relax & find out exactly what it was I did not do this week. Confession is always good for my soul, so let me get at it.

After a long crappy week at work, I was not the least bit excited that Friday was a vacation day. I was also not elated that because of the long weekend, I got to head to my favorite camping spot for a long weekend with my friends & family.

I was not absolutely thrilled that my bff Cat did finally feel human again & was able to come camping with us. I did not desperately need some good ole fashioned girl time. In no way do I need to tell her thank you & I love her for always knowing just what to say or not say to make me feel better.

And speaking of camping … it was not a wonderful way to start our camping season. I did not by any means get the “camping bug” out of my system much to Jimmy’s dismay. I do not love to laugh at him while listening to him fuss about going, only to enjoy himself every minute we are there. I am not looking forward to the next couple of weeks flying on by until it’s time to go again. I most certainly did not enjoy some good quality time with my grown up girls … this mama never wants to go to bed with both of her daughters snuggled up under the same roof as her, nope not me.

I did not nearly have a nervous breakdown during the 5 days of very limited internet service at the campground. I did not put on my most pittiful face in order to get the park manager to send me to his campsite in order to ping off of his permanant line just to get a quick blogging fix. I am not addicted to this or any other blog! nuh uh, I am not!

I am not beyond excited to catch up on Stellan’s progress over this past week. I am not the least bit grateful to God for His hand in this child’s life and will not continue to pray for his family. I do not enjoy seeing miracles take place over and over again … that might mean I truly believe in the power of prayer and in God’s holy abilities.

So, I know y’all aren’t going to post a “Not Me” and I am not even gonna ask … but if you for some reason get a wild hair and feel the need to share … please feel free to do so!


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  1. chrisi

    i did not have a wonderful weekend camping with you all this weekend! and i did not get sad dropping bentley off at the shelter this morning. i will not be there extra early tomorrow morning to pick him up either :)

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