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Hi. It’s almost Friday … yay! And that would make today “Thankful Thursday”. We haven’t done “Thankful Thursday” in a couple of weeks, mostly because I suck at being consistent … don’t be concerned, it’s a life long habit and it doesn’t just apply to the blog. It applies to all areas of my life, unless of course you count smoking menthol’s & drinking sundrop, then I’m pretty dern consistent. I have never been a consitent dicsiplinarian with the girls, they tell me I am psychotic, I tell them it’s my job as their mother to be nutso crazy. I’ve earned my future trip to the cacuzzi thank you very much. And while we are talking about my inability to be consistent, I’ll just go ahead and tell ya, unless someone volunteers prior to midnight tonight, we ain’t having “Freaky Friday” tomorrow neither. Didn’t you just love that improper use of grammar? I nearly had a stroke typing it but it sounded funny so I left it. See, I can’t even be consistent for like 20 minutes while writing a post. I’m all over the place. Let me maneuver myself back to the topic at hand … Thankful Thursday.


So what might I be thankful for this wonderful Thursday evening? I am very happy that I got to mow grass today! I rode around on my, ok fine, daddy’s, John Deere all afternoon. I want the John Deere to be mine. I like it. I like that it has a grass bagger thingie, which means we don’t have clumps of grass left over in the yard that require raking.


Our horses like our John Deere … they come running to the fence when they see or hear it, cause they know fresh grass is on the menu.


Today I cut my aunt’s grass (my mama’s peggy), not because she asked me to. I just wanted to mow, I wanted to be outside doing something productive that also involved sitting on my fanny. We were out of grass to mow, thanks to my husband and father, so I had to go find some random grass that didn’t even belong to me. I like the aroma of fresh cut grass & wild spring onions floating all around in little dust paritcles. I won’t like that I will be sneezing tomorrow.


I will confess, Anna and I stole the clippings and fed them to our horses. It’s a cheap way to feed some horses.


And now that you know what I enjoy doing on a beautiful spring afternoon … what is it that you enjoy doing? I’m curious, I need some new idea’s, I’m pretty sure I can’t just ride around on the John Deere mowing random yards on a regular basis.


ps: I am also very thankful that Bentley will not be fathering any little puppies … ever!


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  1. chrisi

    i am thankful that bentley won’t be fathering any puppies as well…i am also thankful that the stinky animal shelter smell he came home with is finally going away. i am also thankful that my sister is not moving away to college and she will be right here for me to take care of her after graduation :).

  2. melinda

    lets see how thankful you’ll be after the first fight you two have and no one is there to referee.

    blog readers: please place your bets below as to how long you give the two of them before they have an all out knock down drag out.

    all proceeds will be donated to charity :) (or the hospital bill, whichever)!

  3. Judy

    If you want to mow more grass come on over.
    I’LL bet on the girls. They will have ups and downs, but they have had a good mom to always show them who is right. That’s you Melinda.

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