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Posted on April 17th, 2009 by melinda in "Freaky Friday"

Well surpise surprise … I am not as slack as I thought I was. Chrisi stepped up and offered to do “Freaky Friday” making her mother appear to be at least a tad bit more cosistent. Thank you my sweet sweet child! She’s had a week, Bentley’s had a week … so I’m gonna let her tell you all about it. Without further ado …


Randall, Chrisi and Bentley

Randall, Chrisi and Bentley

Hi there! As most of you know, I have a new addition to my apartment…Bentley. It has been quite the experience these past three weeks learning to train a puppy, take him out, walk him, feed him on a regular basis, you know all that other important stuff. I have been trying to teach him to pee outside, while Randall is teaching him to sit still during UNC games…I’m not sure which Bentley will end up learning first…but as you can tell I have had a few adventures with him these past few weeks.
The challenge this week has been Bentley’s dreaded surgery…getting fixed. I felt absolutely horrible dropping him off at the animal shelter Monday morning. Not to mention the place actually looks like a prison. So I called Randall after I dropped him off crying. I told him how incredibly horrible it was and he should come visit me since Bentley was gone. So he did. And we rented Marley and Me and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas to watch while our Bentley stayed overnight at the animal prison. Talk about a depressing night. Whew! Our baby puppy is gone and we are watching sad movies…my goodness! We picked him up Tuesday morning and he was sooo glad to leave the prison that he jumped right into my arms. And then they give me the list. Okay, so I’m trying to make him pee outside, walk on a leash, only play with his toys, blah blah blah, and now there is a list of stuff he can’t do and stuff that I have to do since he just had this surgery. Poor boy…they don’t even want him to jump! Now tell me…how in the world do you keep a puppy from jumping? Luckily, all he did was sleep…for hours after we got him home. I felt like a bad puppy Mom so I made Anna watch him while I went to work instead of putting him in the crate on Tuesday. I guess he’s spoiled…so what. Me too. He has turned into an extremely lazy dog since Monday. All he does is eat and sleep, eat and sleep. I suppose he will recoop soon and be active again? I’m a first time puppy owner so I don’t know all of this stuff… And I definitely didn’t know what they actually did to him! My goodness, it has been a week for him.
Hope you all have a better week than Bentley!


Can I just say “bless”. And when she said she didn’t really know what they were going to do to him to “fix” him … she’s telling the truth. It is probably a good thing she didn’t know or he would probably have remained “unfixed”. Now please go leave her some sweet comments, she’s had a rough week. Plus you can make fun of her for not knowing what “fixin'” was!


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  1. purejoy

    awww, your puppy’s manness has been ummm. . . removed. how traumatic, but necessary. sometimes being responsible hurts!! and yes, could you have picked out any worse movies for surgery day?? but they are great flicks!! sad, but great.
    so good luck as bently regains his sense of self. i wish you many wonderful years together. ain’t nothin like a good dawg.

  2. melinda

    I’m so proud of you, you are a good puppy mama to Bentley! love you.

  3. joy

    It will take Bentley several days to get over having his na nas removed but thank you for being a good mama..And thank you for being a responsible mama..

  4. Jodie

    Bentley will be good as new, with all the lovin’ you give him.

  5. chrisi

    Thank you! I try to be a good Mama to him… Does anyone know if you’re supposed to put their food in the crate with them? The past two days he has spilled his water all over his food in the crate and then used the bathroom on top of the food… Tips?

  6. Mom Anita

    Sounds like this is Bentley’s way of objecting to food and water in his crate. Thanks for being a responsible puppy Mama and having him fixed!!

  7. joy

    Chrisi, I wouldn’t put his food in the crate and you can get a bottle to hang on the crate for him to drink out of so he doesn’t spill it..Have him a food and water bowl in the kitchen when he’s out so he can eat and drink. PS keep working with him dogs are much smarter than hateful cats…

  8. melinda

    I just want to take like two seconds to say thanks to all of you for being so helpful & supportive of Chrisi in her endeavors to be the best puppy mom she can possibly be. When I read all your responses, I thought to myself, this is what this blog should be all about … laughing, smiling, support & advice we may not get otherwise. I really do appreciate it. Y’all have a wonderful Saturday.

  9. chrisi

    thank you all so much! i am definitely new at this, so thanks a lot for the advice! maybe he wants toys instead of food in the crate? i guess it is a trial and error type of training. wish me luck :)

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