* remind me not to bite my nails …

Posted on April 18th, 2009 by melinda in the chronicles of gardening


Today was beautiful. Today was busy. Today was productive. Today kicked my butt.

We got our vegetable planter boxes filled with all kinds of good stuff. I don’t know if one lick of it will grow or not but by gosh we sure planted it! My theory is this … we will either have enough to feed a small village or we will not have a single thing. That’s just the way things seem to go around our homestead … feast or famine. Which from the looks of my fanny, you can rest assured we haven’t had a famine in the past century or so. Anyway, I’m anxious to see if we are good gardeners or not. I want the seeds to come up like in the morning … patience is not my strong suit. I did gain a greater appreciation of my mamaw & papaw’s theory on going to bed with the chickens. They grew huge gardens … no wonder they went to bed at sundown. Y’all want to see some pictures of the planter beds now? Ya me too … and I’ll be happy to show you some. In fact, if the veggie’s grow, I’ll probably show you a bunch of pictures of them over the next couple of months. If they don’t grow, we are going to pretend like I just wanted a couple of sand boxes in the side yard and leave it at that. Ok, here we go …

We started with some seeds (above) and some plants too. I wanted to try a little of both just to experiment & see which we do better with. I prefer the plants because it is more instant gratification.


We threw in some more egg shells & coffee grounds and then Richard tilled the dirt up one last time.


This would be a row of sweet white corn planted alongside half runner green beans. My friend Bill told me to try planting them side by side, thus the green bean vines would grow up the corn stalks, which means they are easier to pick. My daddy said “I sure hope those green beans don’t mix in with that corn & mess up some perfectly good corn”)!


Ok, get up off the floor now! Yes, that is me, sweating, working, toiling in the dirt, with horse manure in my rubber gloved hand. I am usually in charge of taking the pictures but I wanted proof that I did not make Richard do all the work & then claim it was our veggie garden. So there … I did my share!


These are some assorted pepper, zuchinni, squash & lettuce plants in this planter box … tomatoes are behind, not in the boxes. That would also be Cat’s little bitty tiller that Richard stole she kindly let us borrow.


In this planter box, there are cucumber, squash & okra seeds. We’ll see if they come up in about 10 days or so. The package says in 8 to 10 days we should see little sprouts and I hope it’s correct.


So there we have it … our first attempt at planting a vegetable garden. I realize for some of you planting a garden is no big accomplishment, but I should tell you this … I never planted a thing prior to my mom dying. The only reason I started planting flowers was because her deck (pier) looked so empty without flowers on it. Daddy & I made it a project we now do together the Saturday before Mother’s Day. I will brag a bit and say we haven’t done half bad and I really really enjoy the entire process of it. My children will probably point out to you that they once purchased me a cactus for Mother’s Day and I managed to kill it. But I’ve turned a new leaf … (I just cracked myself up) … I am now ready to venture out into the world of gardening. I must give a big shout out to my friend & co worker Alice’s mom for her help in planning what & how we should plant. She gave me a detailed personal tutorial over the phone and I am very greatful to her. Cause I knew not. one. dern. thing! And now, I hear the chickens heading to roost and I am right behind um. Keep your fingers crossed & check back soon for an update on our progress.


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  1. chrisi

    i can’t wait to eat some of these fresh grown veggies! i, too, wish they would just grow overnight. how long are they supposed to take?

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