* my back aches, my pants to tight …

Posted on April 19th, 2009 by melinda in the chronicles of gardening

Holy cow I am sore! What idiot thought planting a garden would be a fun idea? I just rolled out of bed, well to be honest, it was actually more like a turtle stuck on it’s back trying to turn over than a brisk roll, but anyway, I am out of bed. I’m not sure getting up was such a good plan. I hurt in places I had long since forgotten I had. In fact, I think my toe nails are even sore. Let’s just suffice it to say, it’s been a few years since I have bent down, squatted, lifted and all that other non sense that is eerily similiar to exercise. There is a perfectly good reason I don’t enjoy excersing and this morning, I am clearly remembering it … exercise is painful. And I, my friends, am not into self torture! Next thing you know, I will be hiking for fun if I keep this up and then, the world will surely come to an abrupt end and it will all have been for naught. On second thought, since I’m already so sore I can’t lift my sundrop cup without agony, maybe I should just keep on nudging myself toward some more physical activities. See, I’ve lost my mind! I just typed, without being held at gunpoint, that I should consider healthier lifestyle choices. Y’all feel free to have me committed now. Cathy is working this weekend, it shouldn’t be very difficult to do. But I do need to go to The Church House prior to my committment … I however, will not be kneeling at the alter. I might be laying face down on the floor at the alter, but I can promise you, I will not be kneeling. In closing, I just want to say “Thank you Lord for making the Sabbath a day of rest”!


8 Comments on “* my back aches, my pants to tight …”

  1. Penny

    Melinda*** I am so proud of you for planting a garden. Now you can come help me in my little garden!!! Just imagine how much exercise you will get planting and hoeing and weeding. I will let you know when to come. Ha! Now for the new yard art, At least it isn’t a whole car or truck or pontoon in your front yard. It does add character to your yard. Have a great Monday.

  2. melinda

    Well my goodness … Penny left me a comment! What a nice surprise. I am fairly certain I do not have the gardening skills to assist you, Randy & your sisters in your “little garden” that is not little at all. I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for at least a week. As for the yard art, it was probably at your house once upon a time if I were guessing. And if it wasn’t before, it probably will be at some point. You are correct in saying at least it wasn’t an entire vehicle (this time) and if having man art in my yard adds character, well we both know, I have a lot of character going on up here. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. When you get time, walk on over & check out my little garden … I’m sure you can give me lots of tips and I am sure I’d appreciate any help I can get.

  3. Jodie

    It is amazing when you find out you have muscles you never knew you had…ins’t it?

  4. melinda

    funny thing is … I don’t think it’s muscle, I think my fat is sore. I didn’t know fat could get sore.

  5. Jodie

    trust me…..yes it can!( I know from expeierence)ha…have a good night.

  6. Frannie....

    Now my dear, you planted just in time for the rain and the soreness will go away in time for the hoeing you will be doing.

  7. melinda

    what’s all this “hoeing” stuff y’all keep talking about? you buncha perverts! Ok, seriously, I really don’t know what to do or when you are suppose to start the hoeing process. So someone needs to help me out here, please.

  8. joy

    Melinda, Leave the gardening to your Dad and ask him for fresh veggies. I learned as a child to leave the gardening to the men folks and sneak in when they aren’t looking and grab what I want and run before they catch me and chase me with the hoe….PS you have to start hoeing when you have more weeds then vegies….LOL

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