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Posted on April 25th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Ok, so we know yesterday was Anna’s 18th birthday … I must stop here and explain, I will either be the best mother ever or the worst mother ever in your opinion from this point on. I’m good with that, just so you know. I am a fan of individuality as long as it does not hurt someone else, it’s legal and ethical. I say all that to say this … for Anna’s birthday, she got a tattoo. She didn’t sneek, she didn’t lie … I staight up took her. Feel free to comment to yourself that I am a crappy mom, it’s ok, I can see your point. I don’t agree with you, but I see your point. I had a couple of rules about the tattoo #1. she has to be able to cover it up easily #2. it had to be tasteful & #3. It couldn’t be expensive. So I took her to the jail this morning and let one of our inmates hook her up with a jailhouse tat. Ok, I’m lying. We went to a very clean, sanitary tattoo doing place & she got inked up. Want to see some pictures? I thought you might …

this is what my beautiful daughters bare neck looked like this morning …


stencil work prior to the needle …


Let me stop here for a second & tell you why she chose the design … my mom called Anna her angel (chrisi is her princess) so Anna chose angel wings with my mom’s name, Joy, connecting them …

signing her first official document as a grown up …


Brandon fixin’ to start …


She only flinched a couple of times & didn’t even shed on tear (I was a little disappointed, I thought I would at least get to see some tears) …


the edges hurt she said …


the final result (the very forever, always gonna be there, final result) …


So what do you think? I just want to say one thing … I love that Anna is Anna … her independence drives me insane somedays but it’s also one of the qualities I most admire about her. I admire that she is an individual, she marches to the beat of her own drummer, with her red, burgandy, pink or whatever color hair she may have this week. I love that she is honest & doesn’t lie, even when other people don’t like her decisions. Letting your child grow up and become their own person is probably one of the most difficult things we do as parents. Choosing my battles as a mom, knowing how to hold on tightly and let go gently are tough things to do. I can only hope that I have given her the ability to make wise decisions for Anna. She isn’t anyone else, I don’t want her to be anyone else … I love her for who she is. Ink & all.


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  1. Thad Bentley

    I love it!

  2. courtney

    Awww. That looks like it would hurt like the devil, but I like it. It’s very Anna!

  3. anna(thefavorite)

    it didnt hurt…and brandon was a hottie…and i am very happy about the way it turned out:) and i love it:)
    thanks mom:)

  4. Tanner

    I love it, and jealous all rolled into one. When I hit a “significant” age (much older than Anna)a couple years ago, I wanted one.(I still do). I love what the tattoo represents to Anna.It is a great “tribute” to Joy, that Anna will have the rest of her life.
    Melinda, you have done a great job with Chrisi and Anna. Look at them today!!What remarkable young ladies you have raised!!!!!!! I hope when my children are Chrisi and Anna’s age, they look up to me as much as your girls do to you.!!!

  5. Jodie

    ooops……wanted to clarify…it was Jodie, not Tanner sending the other message.

  6. Frannie....

    To be around Mel and her daughters, you see they have a great relationship. The tat is original and a nice remberance of Joy.

  7. Eric

    Well, well, well guess you have been waiting on this one. All things are permisable but not beneficial. One tatoo and you are already missing church. Before long you will have a sleeve of them running down your arms and legs and we want even be able to tell who you are. At least it it nice. C-ya

  8. Amy M

    I also love it. We (Will, Tiggy, Tim, Grani, and I) were just discussing Anna’s cool tat & cool mom in the truck on Saturday! (& yes, there were varying opinions) I’m so glad you put pictures up. It made me tear up. All you Bentley girls ROCK!! And a happy belated birthday to you, Anna!

  9. melinda

    I have to laugh, let me think on this really hard … Grani didn’t think the tat was so cool? she certainly didn’t think it would win me the mother of the year award? Will & Tiggy were great with it, You & Tim were cool with it cause it wasn’t your kids neck? I love you!

  10. chrisi

    i’m guessing that amy would probably be very shocked if courtney got a tattoo. probably not as shocked if it was will… that’s my guess.

  11. chrisi

    its the second child thing!

  12. Tony Jones

    Anna you have become such a beautiful young woman, it seems like last week we were playing ball in 100 degree summer weather. But I guess it wasn’t. I think it was a wonderful way to honor your grandmother. Luv ya always

  13. melinda

    Well low & behold, Tony has a soft side … who knew? And mr. preacher man … she will not be getting a sleeve of any sort of tattoo’s while I am still supporting her! I was in for one (and let me just say, I made that promise long ago when the idea of her turning 18 was light years away) do not forget, in 5 years when she still has just the one, you owe me dinner! Which is reason enough for you not to even consider a change in location for the minimum of 5 years. By the way, you sure you aren’t safer with me teaching the adults instead of the youth? You wanna rethink that one? You reckon Earl would get a tattoo or maybe Annette? Maybe we could get a group discount or something :)

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