* an afternoon on The Devil’s Track …

Posted on April 28th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Yesterday afternoon Richard and I had a date. Well, as close as we get to a date anyway. We rode over to the back 40, which belongs to my grandmommie, to check out the hay progress. For those of you who don’t have animals that require the feeding of hay, this will mean nothing … to those of you who understand and appreciate a beautiful lush field of green grass that will soon fill your barn to the brim … we have some rockin’ hay fields to cut this year! Check out the lovely green stuff!




It is absolutely gorgeous back there this time of year … completely undisturbed by the real world, it’s no telling what you might see!

dogwoods …



daisies …


and dandelions …


bamboo poles …


my favorite fishing hole …


a bumble bee came along for the ride …


my man’s place to hide …


and my favorite of all … this is a creek (a brook or a crick depending on where you are from) my mama & daddy use to bring the girls here for pic nics, it runs into The Devil’s Track …


it was a nice date!


3 Comments on “* an afternoon on The Devil’s Track …”

  1. chrisi

    well aren’t ya’ll just the romantic couple! :) picnics at the creek with nana and bapa sure were fun. (lets not bring out those pictures though.)

  2. Jodie

    oh… Melinda…I think deep down Chrisi would “REALLY” like for you to share though’s pictures she is talking about,don’t you?

    Your families property is absolutely beautiful.You take great pictures!

  3. anna(thefavorite)

    these are my favorite places in the world:)

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