* brother bear is coming home …

Posted on April 29th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Happy middle of the week! Actually, it’s almost the end of my work week. I am taking a vacation day on Friday to spend with my little brother. I am so excited, he will be home late Thursday night and will get to stay until Sunday. I am very sad that Emma Joy & Brad won’t be coming this visit but it won’t be long before we see them again too. I have not a clue what Thad and I will be doing, hopefully we will be working on some really cool new stuff for the blog … but you know how plans go. “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”. Do you know who said that? What book is that quote from? I’ll give you a hint, I love the book, I love the author and you probably had to read at least one thing he wrote while you were in High School. Now on to why Thad is coming home this weekend. It’s Anna’s senior prom. You all remember how excited I was about shopping for a prom dress? How sad I was that she found the dress of her dreams online and I didn’t get to go shopping all day to a hundred different stores. I was pretty pittiful as I recall or not. I will be posting prom stuff all weekend for your viewing pleasure. Try to contain your excitement. It’s a mother thing, it’s in the mother rule book … probably near the chapter on letting your daughter get a tattoo the day after she turns 18 … look it up. Plus I was in terrible shape last week so I didn’t get to post tons of pictures for her birthday & now I feel obligated to make up for it. I might even have to whoop out some baby Anna pictures just for fun. She will be pleased about that, I’m sure. Y’all please keep Thad in your thoughts & prayers, he will be driving a long way by himself and even though he is use to that, I still worry about him when he travels. That’s in the sister rule book, you can look it up too.


2 Comments on “* brother bear is coming home …”

  1. chrisi

    wooohoooo! can’t wait to see uncle thad! :) and i guess anna’s prom is okay too.

  2. earpie

    So glad Thad made it home safely. Hope ya’ll enjoy the weekend!

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