* it’s for the “grater” good …

Posted on April 30th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Please do not call the health department upon viewing the picture above. There is a perfectly good reason that there is a picture of our my grater up there. Tonight (yes, I know it’s almost tomorrow but cut me some slack, I’ve been visiting with my brother) the PW hosted another give away over on her blog. If you are reading this before midnight central time you can still enter & I would encourage you to do so. This time she is giving away a set of 5 of her favorite kitchen gadgets, go check them out. By the way, I am completely addicted to her blog.

Anyway, back to the grater. To enter the contest I had to write a comment about the one kitchen item I do not want to live without. That was easy! The grater is a family heirloom. I steal borrow it from my dad’s every chance I get. In fact, I once opened it as a Christmas gift all wrapped up from my mom. We have passed it back and forth for years. And don’t let my dad tell you he doesn’t borrow it back when he locates it at my house, cause he does … thiever! I know it looks nasty a little broken in, but y’all, I am not lying … there is no grater like it on earth. I have other one’s. They sit in my cabinet unused. I have made mucho cole slaw using that grater and it has never failed me once. It has even gone camping with us a time or twelve. You know how that works, you check to make sure you have bug spray, clean underwear and your grater. The essentials.


9 Comments on “* it’s for the “grater” good …”

  1. lm

    Just wondering if I could get some coleslaw made with that grater since you haven’t posted anything to identify me. Too bad Marty never brought me any coleslaw at the ballgame. Didn’t know you gave up so easy especially on trying to find out my idenity.

  2. melinda

    I did post back. I listed all the clues I know and I am still trying diligently to figure out your identity. I will be glad to send you some cole slaw, please feel free to leave me the delivery information! Give me another clue …

  3. chrisi

    is the grater the secret to your wonderful coleslaw, mom?

  4. melinda

    it is but you cannot borrow it. you’ll just have to eat my cole slaw, sharing it with your bapa is bad enough. we know how much i enjoy sharing!

  5. Eric

    and all this time I thought it was pickles in your cole slaw and it has been rust but it sure is tasty

  6. melinda

    oh a little rust never hurt anybody! besides I told y’all … it’s not dirty or nasty, it’s broken in!

  7. chrisi

    don’t worry eric, i’ve survived 20 years eating that coleslaw with a little rust for zest.

  8. Amanda Lail

    reading up on old post and I came across this one, funny I have my grandmothers grater that looks like this, but in a liite better shape (sorry melinda). you just have to understand my granny, she scrubbed everything with sos pads! I came across this thing again the other day in the back of a drawer and its untelling how long its been since I have used it. I will be more than happy to let you have it melinda since its you, if you want it (handle still in tack). just cant see myself taking it to goodwill but can see myself giving it go a good person that will put it to good use! just let me know. i can get it to you since we both live in bethlehem.

  9. melinda

    I would love to have it!

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