* Friday family fun …

Posted on May 1st, 2009 by melinda in the chronicles of gardening


My daddy and oldest daughter have turned into green eyed monsters! That’s what we refer to as jealousy around our house. They were jealous that I have a beautiful garden and they had … nada! So today, they planted their very own garden. I might ought to throw in here, for any of you readers who may not know us, Chrisi lives in an apartment in the downstairs of my dad’s house. Anna will be moving there this summer. It’s not cause I really suck at being a mom … it’s their little college dorm. So anyway, my dad announced this morning that he was not going to be out done and sent Thad & myself to buy garden stuff, hanging baskets & flowers to plant. This was of course after he called me to come eat breakfast, on my day off, at 5:30 am … ok, fine, it was like 7:45 am, but it felt like the middle of the night. Tomorrow morning I will once again not be able to roll out of bed without whining feeling an immense amount of pain because I am a glutton for punishment and planted flowers most of the afternoon. The part I love best about their garden is … Dad did all the work getting the ground ready, Chrisi pops out of her compartment in time to dig a few holes, put the plants in and poof it is now their garden. No clue who she got those skills from. Here they are planting their garden.





I am still going to be the best garden winner!


3 Comments on “* Friday family fun …”

  1. Jodie

    I think it is a win/win situtation. After everything “produces” the end “result”…you would have to “taste test” each others to see who’s is the “best”.

  2. chrisi

    jodie-that will be IF everything produces…

  3. Jodie

    Chrisi-I have faith you will have great garden.

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