* lazy Sunday afternoon …

Posted on May 3rd, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Hi! I have a confession to make … I think I am getting old. As a matter of fact, I am pert near sure of it. I know this because we allowed Anna to have a later curfew than normal, but as normal, I cannot sleep until she is home safely in her bed. I have the bags under my eyes to prove that I am a concerned mama. I bet everyone at church was thinking I should’ve used the blueish gray eye stuff on my eye lids instead of underneath them. I have about a bazillion pictures from the weekend that I want to post. There are lots of all the flowers we planted, lots of prom pictures, my ever growing garden … but right this minute, I find it far more pressing to go take a nap. And whats up with this weather? Two minutes ago it was cloudy & looked like we might get more rain … poof … now the sun is shining all bright trying to infringe on my guiltless napping time, how dare it! I think I am going to drag my fanny to the sofa & pretend to be asleep so when Richard inevitably finds something he thinks I need to do this afternoon, I can just ignore him & keep right on playing possum.

Please check back later … I promise I will put lots of pictures up, some you can even see Anna’s dress in.

ps: I am also going to soak my toes in some warm sudzy water cause mr. preacherman stepped all over them this morning … more on that later this week too.

2 Comments on “* lazy Sunday afternoon …”

  1. Cathy

    I soaked mine when I got home. I am thankful I can leave church with my toes hurting but my heart full. That was a great message (and one I needed) Thank You Eric for a wonderful message this morning.

  2. Judy

    We all needed that message. It was refreshing to my heart.

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