* first ever blog survey …

Posted on May 5th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Well let me just say … y’all suck! Yep, I said it. I was all ready to upload some pictures of your favorite flowers etc. and I got not one. Not one picture, not one comment, nada … nuttin! I am feeling a little sad now. My little kid feelings are officially hurt. I did however get a picture from my bff Cathy. I had seen this picture the other night. I laughed hysterically at the picture and even harder at Cathy. We had a difference of opinions concerning the content of the picture. I have decided we shall take a survey to settle this squabble once and for all.

To enter the survey please choose from the following and insert your answer into the comment box below. I am not going to tell you which opinion belonged to whom (although I doubt it will be a stretch for y’all to figure it out) … if Cathy wins the survey, I will cook or bake her something of her choice. If I win, she will bake me a sundrop pound cake. Ok, here is Cathy’s prize picture … I think she took it with our blog in mind to begin with! Study the picture prior to scrolling down to the options.


option A: cute little lizzard balancing atop Cathy’s cement turtles.

option B: freaky little lizzard trying to molest Cathy’s cement turtles.

you decide.


22 Comments on “* first ever blog survey …”

  1. Cathy

    I sent several pictures to you of my favorite flowers and this is what you put on the blog?

  2. melinda

    um … yeah! it’s funny as heck! but I will be posting the flower pictures you sent me too. they will not be as funny as your kinky lizzard though!

  3. scott lail

    well i think ill have to go with B and yes that is my final answer

  4. chrisi

    option B: freaky little lizzard trying to molest Cathy’s cement turtles.

  5. Penny

    It has to be Option B Do I get a piece of the Sundrop poundcake?

  6. courtney

    I’m wondering why the turtles are on top of each other. Also, I’m going with Option B.

    What goes on at your house Cathy?!?

  7. Jodie

    option B…I agree with Chrisi….nasty little lizzard

  8. melinda

    Penny, if you could take a varment porno picture and let me post it on the blog and then make me some chicken & dumplings I will gladly share my sundrop pound cake that it would appear Cathy will soon be baking!

  9. Cathy

    Well for all of you people guessing “B” I guess you will be making a pound cake, because you all need to get your minds out of the gutter and start baking!!!!!!I didnt agree to any of this.

  10. Marjorie Markham

    I go with option B

  11. Thad Bentley

    I’m not sure what everyone here has been thinking, but I must agree with Cathy, it’s just cute! Option A.

  12. Judy

    Option B is probably right but I will go with A, just because it is cute. My flower pictures are still waiting on Haley to send to you.

  13. Tony Jones

    First why would Cathy have two turtles in such a suggestive pose in her yard. So you can’t blame the lizard for just trying to fit in. Option b all the way.(if this is going on outside …. can you imagine what happening inside…I shutter to think)

  14. Heather Sharpe

    Because Cathy is my friend, and because I never, NEVER, have my mind in the gutter I am going with option A.

  15. Michele

    I have to go with Cat on this one, not because she is my sis, but because I agree with her that some things are just cute, get your minds out of the gutter. The lizard just thought he was King of the Hill or something!

  16. Cathy

    Thank all of you who have picked option A, it restores my faith that some of you out there just see it as cute and not perverted.

  17. Cathy

    By the way, I have had the turtles in my yard for probably five yrs, it is a mom and baby turtle, something that is cute not kinky or strange.

  18. earpie

    Just look at the eyes on the turtles. Have to go with option b even though I would have liked to pick Cat’s choice.

  19. Michele

    O.K. I have looked at the eyes, they look sad and confused. If they were doing something freaky they would have great big smiles on their faces. Clean up your thoughts!

  20. haley hammer

    I am going to go with B. I sent you some pics to your email. I hope you get them!

  21. Eric

    Well option A, only because I think melinda needs to bake Cathy something.

  22. anna(the favorite)

    i voted b. but heather is such a BFL!!!!! that lizzard is soooo playing laser tag! and eric… cathy makes a pretty amazing pound cake sooo its ok to choose b like i know you really wanted to:)

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