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Posted on May 5th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


As you have discovered, cause y’all are smart like that … I have fallen deeply in like with planting things & watching them grow. Since my garden hasn’t actually produced anything yet, flowers are still my current favorite. So here is our “tag your it” challenge for today … there are a couple of options.

A. Go out in your yard, alongside the road, some random persons yard … take a picture of your favorite thing. It can be a flower, a weed, a varment or even a lizzard humping hanging out with some cement turtles. This will be Cathy’s option as soon as she figures out how to email me that picture of her freaky lizzard. In case you don’t have it … my email is minnajoy1968@aol.com. I will post them all here later this evening.

B. scoot down to the comment box and describe your favorite summer plant, flower, garden item … and any story that may support why it’s your favorite.

C. simply comment on your favorite flower or plant. Or maybe which veggie you are most interested to see if I can grow.

You folks are gettin’ slack in your commenting skills. I am not feeling the love these day! I am so glad we can have these little chats. I whine, you still don’t play along, I whine some more and so on. Proove me wrong, and please note, I do not enjoy being proven wrong. I challenge you to play along although my estimation is I will get about 2 people to respond.
Have fun with it, be creative & mostly, enjoy yourself and make me smile.


One Comment on “* Tuesday tag your it …”

  1. chrisi

    ok..i have not forgotten about you mom…i will be taking pictures tomorrow when it is prettier weather hopefully. the rain put a kink in my blog following duties :(

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