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Posted on May 8th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


UPDATE: If you haven’t been over to check out the new stuff on Bloomin’ Idiots, head over and check it out. If you have, then I need your help. Could you please let me know if it makes sense to you … is it simple to use, easy to look at, do you like the colors, the titles and so on. Any comments, opinions, suggestions or idea’s would be greatly appreciated. Also, you can leave comments over there just like you can here. I’m sure My Bloomer’s would love to hear from you! Thank you!


ORIGINAL POST: Hey y’all … Soccer was cancelled tonight. I am so not sad about that.

And because I now have a free evening, there is going to be some construction going on around here this weekend. Starting um, about an hour ago. If you see things or click on things that make absolutely no sense, don’t freak out! Thad and I are working long distance via telephone & computer to make some, what we hope will be, really cool additions to our little ole blog. The changes will not, I repeat … will not be drastic, confuse you or make you feel like hurling onto your computer screen. I promise. Hopefully they will just add much easier navigation around the blog with alot more available content. Cause we all know you need a little more of me in your life (humor me here).

I am at this very moment working on the brand spankin’ new Bloomin’ Idiots section of the blog. I will be posting new stuff there throughout the evening. Feel free to click over, using our ultra cool new blog button on the sidebar, to see what might be up at any given moment. If you aren’t busy, ride on over and help me out as I go. I estimate that I will manage not to irratate the crap out of Thad for at least a couple of hours … after that he will most likely nicely say to me “figure it out yourself melinda”.

And lastly, if you have flower and/or garden pictures that you haven’t sent me yet, It’s still early in the game and I would love to have them to work with. I am not afraid to start pointing some fingers at those of you whom I know have gardens and/or flowers and have not yet made your picture donations (Penny, Frances).

I will be taking a break at some point to go eat the delicious dinner Chrisi cooked for us tonight! If you want to email pictures send them to minnajoy1968@aol.com or picture text them to 828-446-8586. And, if you’ve already sent some, please please feel free to send more. You each are going to have your own little blog area to add content to as the season progressess … cause y’all are special like that.


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