* a letter to my mama …

Posted on May 10th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Dear mama … today is Mother’s Day. I so badly wish you were here for me to say those words “happy mother’s day mom” to you face to face. But barring a huge miracle, I feel pretty sure that isn’t going to happen. There are about 472 billion things I would like to tell you or ask you. Like for instance, did you know that Daddy can be very sarcastic? All these years I thought you were the smarty britches one of our family, apparantly he was holding out on us. He can also be very stubborn … who knew? I would love to sit and talk with you for hours on end about the girls. Mama, you would be so proud. They are such great young women. Anna has even gotten a little more girly and Chrisi cooks. Who’d a thunk it? I hope in Heaven you have some idea of what goes on down here … and even if you don’t, I plan to keep believing you do. My heart hurts when I think about Emma Joy never meeting you here on this earth. Oh mama, how you would love that precious child. And Thad and Brad are super dad’s. Thad even changes poopy diapers without puking. We try to visit her at least once a month and we tell her all about you. She loves books & to be read to, she loves being outside, she talks a lot and has her daddies wrapped securely around her finger, right along with her Bapa & the rest of us. She is going to be as smart and beautiful as your other two grand daughters are. I kidnapped your mama & took her to TN for Emma Joy’s 1st birthday, lots of our other family came too. We missed you. I wish you could meet Randall, he is Chrisi’s boyfriend, you would like him, we love him alot & he is so good for her. Last weekend Thad was home for Anna’s birthday and prom. She looked stunning, she has grown into such a beatiful young woman. Can you believe she is graduating in a couple of weeks? Me either, I should go ahead and call the dr. for some antidepressents. She is planning to move into the compartment with Chrisi. Chrisi is doing great in college, she is going to be an incredible teacher one day soon, she loves children just like you. I think Daddy may evict them both after about 2 weeks. And get this … you will laugh … I taught a long series of Bible Studies at my church. Can you believe that? It went well, I think. Now Richard and I are in charge of the youth. And speaking of Richard, you would be so proud, he is doing great. He helps Dad with a lot of things around the house. We try really hard not to leave Daddy alone very often. Sometimes I’m sure he just wishes we would go home. In fact, he kicked me out & made me move home. You were wrong about him getting married again soon if something ever happened to you. Oh, and we got a camper. We use it a bunch as a family. We go camping with Cathy, Jimmy, Christopher & the Barnes Family a bunch. Dad won’t spend the night in it though. I wish I could ask you where you put things or how to deal with the girls somedays. Do you realize how much we all depended on you for everything under the sky? Mostly we just all miss you so much we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We’ve done fine at getting through days, holidays and such … but you are never far from our thoughts or our conversations. It makes me feel better to talk about you … to remember all the fun times we had together and to laugh about stupid things we did. Did nobody tell you that you were to old to bungee jump? I think you would be proud of us … I think when you look down at us, you smile and blow us kisses in the wind. I don’t really like Mother’s Day very much, it’s the one Holiday I have the hardest time with, it only feels like I have half a reason to celebrate. But this morning I am going to head over to The Church House like we do every Sunday and I am going to smile, sing & pray in honor of you. Even if we didn’t have all the time in the world like I thought we would … I am ever so grateful that you are my Mama. I cannot wait to see you again. Happy Mother’s Day Mama … I’ll love you forever, I’ll love you for always.


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  1. Cathy

    Happy Mothers Day! I have thought a lot about this day and how hard it probably is for you. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Your mama would have been proud of you and your family. This is a beautiful letter and I know it probably wasn’t easy to do, but you did a fine job. Love Ya!

  2. paula

    Melinda,your letter is so sweet. my eyes are filled with tears, my heart is with you. i feel the same way you do. we were both blessed with great moms.and have wonderful memories that will never leave us. think how special today and everyday is for the them.being with Jesus. we will all be together again. what a day that will be.
    i hope you have the best mothers day ever.

  3. Marjorie Markham

    I miss your mom too. I am hoping that your mom and mine are looking down at us and thinking we are doing a pretty good job. My kids don’t understand how hard Mother’s Day is for me even afte 9 years. I still wish many of the same things you do when it comes to wanting to know things. Sometimes I wish I had listened more carefully. Someday, we will all meet again. I love you.

  4. Jodie

    Melinda, That was a beautiful letter to your Mom. I believe she is looking down on you and your family and smiling at you.Your family is so strong and close, I think it helps makes things a “little” easier when you can share such wonderful memories you have had with her. Your time with her was cut short, but hearing all the wonderful things you did share when she was here is priceless.I was only able to meet Joy once. I loved her instantly. There was just something about her, you knew she was a very special person. My prayers and thoughts are with you, and your family always.

  5. Jodie

    please read your e-mail today if you get a chance.

  6. melinda

    I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to all of you for your sweet comments. Your friendship & support mean more than you will ever know. And Paula, thanks for your first ever comment … I hope you’ll come back & join us often. You can keep me updated on what’s going on at my job. Love y’all!

  7. courtney

    Things about Joy never fail to make me cry. I love you and your family & miss Joy.

  8. Amy

    Is it unprofessional to cry like a baby while reading your best friend’s blog while at work? Maybe that’s why I like working nights! I love you so, Melinda! I’ve thought of you so often today & this week leading to mother’s day, knowing your mixed feelings and that, well, it just sucks! But the letter was sooo beautiful! & I know your mom is sooo proud of you & how you take care of everyone & do such a great job – you are a super mom!! (& daughter, aunt, sis, etc.) So, happy mom’s day!! LOVE YA!

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