* a word to the wise …

Posted on May 11th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Warning! Please do not try this at home. If you are smart, you will never attempt it anywhere at anytime for any reason.

The other night, in an act of what must have been desperation, I decided it would be a wise decision to use my brand new unopened foot scrub gel as body wash. Let’s just suffice it to say … it was not a very wise decision after all. Who knew foot scrub was nothing but some grapefruit scented sand incrusted goo? I sure didn’t … but I do now. The ingredients did not mention the word sand not one time. They lie.


I felt like I had taken a bath in a sand box. I have grit in places no grit should ever go. I had to get out of my warm cozy bath water and take a shower to wash off the beach that had become my body. I gave a whole new meaning to the phrase beached whale!


So my advice to the rest of you folks. Get off your lazy fannies and go buy some soap so you aren’t searching around in the bowels of your bathroom cabinets trying to find something suitable to wash your butts with. And if you happen upon some foot scrub … step away.


6 Comments on “* a word to the wise …”

  1. courtney

    I’m sorry you are/were uncomfortable, but I admit, I laughed at this.

  2. melinda

    I’m glad you found humor in my discomfort miss courtney … did you not notice my wiggling today? love you, so glad you’re home for summer.

  3. Judy

    Bless your heart. Never heard of this before, good advise, I’ll will surely remenber.

  4. Amy Barnes

    ha…i needed a good ole laugh today… =]

  5. Frannie....

    I thought that grit was to serve as a loofah for all that dead skin on your behind. I did get a good laugh at your expense though.

  6. melinda

    there isn’t enough sand on the entire east coast to loofah all that dead skin off of my fannie. and I’m so glad you got a laugh at my expense … what are daughter in laws for if not to laugh at?

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