* we’re smart like that …

Posted on May 13th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


I have to tell y’all … we are some high tech treller dwellers round these parts. We are in the process of building an arc because it won’t stop raining everyday. I’m not sure the treller will float so I want to be prepared. I realize we are still in a drought zone here in the south but I’m not sure why. We decided we should measure our rain accumulation so we will know how quickly we need to proceed with the constructing of said arc. I hope it isn’t very quickly since we haven’t purchased one stick of arc building wood. Being as we are resourceful people and we don’t own one of those rain measuring whatchamajiggers … we decided to conjure us one up. I think it’s pretty dern nifty. And it worked really well. Don’t you wish you were this high tech? this ingenious? this redneck? mmhhmm … I thought so.

I proudly present to you our unique rain gauge …


we believe in recycling around here …


or I am a big fat liar and my youngest daughter just left her shoes outside in the middle of a monsoon.



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  1. courtney

    oh dear.

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