* The singing Nun …

Posted on May 14th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

These are a few of my favorite things … I mean people.


Hi! What a week it has been. One more day to go thank goodness. I don’t think I’ve been home before 10:00 pm any night this week and I am way to old to be staying out all hours of the night like that. Tonight was a fun night. Tonight, I had a date with my daddy. We went to dinner and to watch Anna in our High School Chorus’ production of “The Sound of Music”. It was fantastic, she was fantastic, all the kids were fantastic. I like the word fantastic. I would love to show you some pictures but they had a rule that no camera’s or video were allowed. Please note that I enjoy embarassing either one of my children at any given opportunity but embarassing my daddy by getting kicked out of a very public event might not be in my best interest. Thus, I followed the rules and wahlah … no pictures. I can tell you she sung her little Nun heart out. I’m not sure I ever really pictured Anna as a Nun. I bet Anna would get kicked out of the Nunnery in about 31 minutes flat. Unless of course they let her be the boss Nun … then maybe she would last a day or two.

For those of you who have asked, I do have lots more prom pictures of Anna and some of Bradley & Dakota too. I am working on making a place for them so y’all can see them all. I should have some time over the weekend to work on that.


3 Comments on “* The singing Nun …”

  1. chrisi

    i hate i missed anna’s debut performance as a nun. i bet she was great :)

  2. Amy Barnes

    I bet the show was fantastic! And I hate I missed it! I have got some more pictures t

  3. Amy Barnes

    I hit the submit button by accident…anyways…I have some more pictures for you – Rodney got bored and made a scarecrow for our garden. ha

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