* cathy’s crackhead cake …

Posted on May 17th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Help! Cathy tried to kill me. I am not lying. She willfully tried to kill me and she did cause bodily harm. She did it on purpose. Someone call the po po! Wait, she’s working tonight … wait until tomorrow. By then it won’t matter, I will be dead … done for … caput. Just so you have all the evidence to give the detectives when they show up … I am going to make you a list.


#1. she went over to PW’s website and got the recipe for this cake.

#2. she baked it, covered it in cream cheese/strawberry icing.

#3. she sent me like 50 pieces for my very own with explicit instructions not to share with anyone. Ok, that last part was a lie but it was my interpretation of the cake eating rule book.

#4. Jimmy put the cake in my car while I was innocently inside the church house minding my own business.

#5. I sat in the church parking lot like a crackhead junkie shoving cake into my mouth with both hands making sure no one else was looking because they might expect me to offer to share. That was not going to happen and I really would hate to be rude to someone at the church house.

#6. I called Cathy to tell her that I hoped she was happy with her little enabler self. It’s not like she doesn’t know I have a cream cheese fettish.

#7. I had to come directly home, wash my sticky fingers and put on my elastic waist band pajama pants.

#8. I am now awaiting the sugar induced coma that is going to be the end of me.

#9. I hid the rest of the cake. What cake? do we have cake? I have no clue about any cake!

#10. bestfriends do not let bestfriends overdose on strawberry cream cheese cake.

I have forgotten all about sundrop pound cake … I have a new love.


6 Comments on “* cathy’s crackhead cake …”

  1. chrisi

    cathy-in order for you to enter the campground this weekend, you must bring one of these with you. :)

  2. cathy

    This would be a good thing for you to try your new cooking skills with.

  3. melinda

    I’m starting to twitch.

  4. Bobbi

    That cake looked awesome! Maybe if we’re really nice to Cathy, she will make one for our next dinner at church. Better get our desserts on the first trip through the line if she does or we won’t get any!

  5. chrisi

    its so much easier if someone else makes it and i eat it.

  6. Amy Barnes

    I agree with Chrisi…this would be a great treat for us campers!!

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