* I scream, you scream …

Posted on May 17th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

It’s almost that time! It’s almost Memorial Day! Come Wednesday we will be packing up our camper and heading to the campground for a long weekend of fun, food and fellowship. I cannot wait. I wish we were going today. While at the campground I plan to do something I have yet to do this year. It is one of my favorite summer time things to do. No, I am not talking about putting on my string bikini and prancing around … I promise no one should be tortured by having to see that. They do not make plus size bikini’s for a reason. What I do plan to do is whoop myself up some homemade ice cream! There is no treat better than a churned tub of soft sweet home made icecream.

So here is your challenge for the day … what is your favorite flavor of home made ice cream? Tag … you’re it! Click on the comment box and share with us all.

mine is plain ole vanilla.

And by the way, while you’re commenting on your favorite flavor, if you have a recipe and would like to share it … please do. We are always trying out new flavors while we are camping.


7 Comments on “* I scream, you scream …”

  1. katrina

    My favorite is pineapple orange

  2. melinda

    well thank goodness someone else likes homemade icecream besides me. thank you katrina for stepping up to the challenge, now … how does one make pineapple orange iceceam … cause it sounds really good!

  3. chrisi

    my favorite is also plain ole vanilla ice cream. i’m not crazy about the funky flavors.

  4. Amy Barnes

    My fav is Cheerwine!! :o) But some good ole’ fresh peach is great too.

  5. Michele

    Chocolate, it taste like Wendy’s frosties!

  6. Katrina

    I have never made homemade ice cream personally but when I was little my dad made it for us and I know it has frozen pineapple orange juice concentrate and crushed pineapple and mandarian orange pieces in it, I think you can make a vanilla base and just add to it. He made it up and it tasted a little better each time.

  7. courtney

    the best ice cream in this world is my grani’s homemade vanilla. i also her enjoy cookies and cream. so, basically anything grani makes…

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