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Posted on May 26th, 2009 by melinda in time is clerking away ...


I don’t like change. I am not good with change. I avoid change at all cost. Unfortunately for me, my life is fixin’ to get a big ole dose of change. It’s not a change I opted for, it certainly isn’t a change I want and it is definately a change I will selfishly be sad about for a very long time.

My boss of 11 years will be retiring at the end of this week. I suppose I shouldn’t be sad. I suppose I should be happy for him, and I am or at least I am trying to convince myself that I am. The bigger problem here is this … he is not only my boss, he is one of my favorite people in the world. I don’t remember ever not knowing him. I grew up running around the courthouse and he was just always there. He has been our elected Clerk of Superior Court for 27 years and was a deputy prior to that. He is a good good man, he truly deserves the title Honorable. He is honest and ethical. He is fair and just. His standards are far and above most men that I have ever met. He ranks right up there with my daddy in the great men I know category … and rest assured, I don’t say that often. He has stood by me and my family through many good times and bad times over the years. I will forever feel honored to have had the opportunity to work for him and I will miss him dearly. We’ll all miss him dearly.

my top 10 things I will miss about Seth:

#1. his opinion that family will always come before work.

#2. the funny nicknames he gives his staff (unless of course he is telling me I need to get married and quit being piled up … I took his advice on that one)

#3. listening to him tell a story.

#4. His presence in a room. People are just naturally drawn to him.

#5. the way he laughs at himself when he says something he finds funny and slaps his leg like he might fall over at any given second.

#6. his suspenders and bow ties and his dry cleaning hanging on our filing cabinet drawers.

#7. the way he listens intently to my complaining, smiles while I vent for a few minutes and then does not one thing different because he knows far more about leadership than I will ever know.

#8. the fact that we call ahead to any buffet to warn them that he is coming for lunch so they can restock prior to his arrival. bless the golden corral!

#9. His ability to treat all people equal … no matter your politics, ethnicity, heritage or religion. Everyone who walks in our office is equal. He is truly a servant of the people.

#10. His unwavering belief in the Constitution. His intelligence and historical knowledge alone could fill a book.

If you know him, please feel free to leave us a comment about what you’ll be missing most. If you’ve had the privilage of working for him or with him … go ahead and dry your eyes and then share what you’ll miss the most. We can all go look for some more cheese together next week … personally I think it’s ok if we still continue to pout this week.


10 Comments on “* please put my cheese back! …”

  1. Cathy

    OK how did you know I needed a roll of paper towels to wipe the tears? I would like to start by saying I have worked for many people but never have I had a friend and a boss in one. I can remember 15yrs ago getting that call from Seth to come fill out an application, sometimes i think what was I thinking. Never one time have I regretted filling out that application. Seth is one of a kind and a true role model to me. I will miss him dearly. Thank You Seth for all you have been to my family and what you have done for me.

  2. melinda

    I knew you would need tissue cause I’m smart like that! Or because I used an entire roll myself while I was typing this post. you pick.

  3. Earpie

    Okay could someone get me a glass of water so I can go ahead and start my drugs. As most of ya’ll know I don’t do well with change. Maybe we could buy some stock in paper towels and kleenex right quick and we won’t have to work anymore. I could use probably a whole case. I am very very proud to say I have had the wonderful opportunity to work for Seth. I would start to list all of the ways he has impacted me but I wont be able to see through the tears to get that accomplished. He just has the ability to do and say the right things at just the right moment. Let me just say my life has been the better for having had him in it.

  4. chrisi

    i will miss seth being the clerk of court as well. i have enjoyed his stories over the years and i admire that he is a moral and ethical person in every aspect of his life. i appreciate that he has time to talk to people like me about the history of taylorsville for a paper i had to write. thank you seth for all the memories!

  5. Heather Sharpe

    Scoot over girls, and make room for one more in the Pity Party Boat. I feel like someone has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and I have been given the date of their departure. It genuinely feels like a death to me. That being said (as I have now cried all my makeup off AGAIN!!) my favorite thing about Seth is how he can say something that from anyone else would be an insult, but from him is hilarious. Seth has made the Clerk’s Office a second home for us, and a place I enjoy coming to every day. Words will never describe the impact on our world when he is gone. We Love You and will miss you Seth!!

  6. Amy Barnes

    I’m really going to MISS Seth being Clerk of Court. He has really helped me in a lot of ways!! I know it will be tough for you guys and change is definitely the hardest thing to come by. =]

  7. Tony Jones

    I took a tour of a factory once with Seth there were 4 groups getting the tour my group (with Seth) was of course the last to get done because we had to wait for him to speak to everyone ask about their family members who he called by name, their gardens,etc. I don’t know how many time he said to one of the employees “do you remember” then started with a story about them or a brother, sister, aunt, uncle a 6th cousin 8 times removed and so on. He is a true Man of the people.

  8. purejoy

    i don’t take a cotton to change either. and it sounds like you have a great boss (heck you even get to call him by his first name!)
    so i’m sure this change will upset your apple cart. hope for your sake it’s a positive change that goes on without a hitch.

  9. AmyM

    Well, I have never worked for Seth, or with him, & I don’t even think I’ve ever had a one on one conversation with him, but I have seen him in action . . . whether @ his office or the Chapman reunion, or out & about. And he is always the same – genuine! Smiling & schmoozing (in a good way!) & genuinely caring, listening, & treating everyone the same – like everyone matters & is special! He is a rare one & I know that not only you, Melinda, but the whole county, will miss him!

  10. Marjorie Markham

    I will never forget the day your dad brought him by my house ( so he could shake hands with me)when he was campaigning. He wanted Seth to meet the one Republican that would probably vote for him, and your daddy of course. What was really funny is that I was actually home that Sat. morning. Hayden had such a shocked look on his face when i answered the door. Seth was a very nice man and I have met and spoken to him several times. He will be missed.

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