* blessed be His name …

Posted on May 31st, 2009 by melinda in The Church House


What a beautiful day! Today was the first youth Sunday at the Church House since Richard and I got demoted went to youth from big church on Wednesday nights. I must confess, because confession is good for my soul, so mr. preacher man says. I’m pretty certain mr. preacher man didn’t come up with that all on his own, confession is actually a spiritual discipline. He did a series of messages on lots of spiritual disciplines several months back. I am not so good in the spiritual discipline department. For instance, fasting is another spiritual discipline … hello! do you know me at all? I am striving to be better but I started pretty much in the negative column. Back to my current confession (martin vision again) … I was ultra nervous about youth Sunday. Not that I did not have confidence that God would be in control, I just wasn’t confident that melinda would move out of the way and let God be in control. I was also concerned that I would misplace, lose, dozer would eat or I would forget the order of service we had diligently written down Wednesday night. I need list. I depend on list. I am a list making, list using, list having sort of girl. That is if I don’t lose the list before I actually need it. Fortunately, I did not misplace today’s list of the order of service. Please pause here to be amazed by that. See, God does still perform miracles! We had a really great crowd at the Church House today … and I just want to say … the kids did tremendous! First, they showed up (which is an important detail in having youth Sunday). Secondly, they were all prepared and ready to do their thing and they did. They sang, spoke, prayed and sang some more. I am so incredibly proud of them. It takes alot of nerve to get up in front of people and not make an idiot of yourself. I’m not sure how many youth Sunday’s we’ll have over the next year but I am now looking forward to them with great anticipation. I think it will be an exciting adventure to watch the teens grow in their personal and spiritual lives. I am thankful that Richard and I will have the opportunity to be involved in that process. Hopefully they won’t only learn more about the Bible, but along the way learn how to be better people, how to give back, how to love and respect eachother. It is my prayer for our youth and their leaders that in the next year we will evolve into better Christians not just better church attendee’s.

Before I go … I want to give a big thank you shout out to Annette for playing the piano for us today, to Shelly for leading the music, to Bradley for his help and to Rodney & Amy our co-leaders for all of your hard work. But mostly a thank you to God for giving me the good sense to step aside and let His will be done.


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  1. Eric

    It was an excellent service. You guys will do a great job with the youth but you may have to move it to another night. After 3 weeks I think the natives are wanting Melinda on Wednesday nights.

  2. melinda

    oh you are such a funny man. I think the natives are very glad to have someone who actually knows what they are talking about back teaching them on Wednesday nights. In fact, I’ve heard that I’ve been missing out on some really good stuff in big church on Wed. night. I seriously think when we get in the new church with a real working sound system we should start recording stuff so those of us who may be in other areas can hear what we missed later. as always, thank you for your encouragement. I thought the teens did great.

  3. chrisi

    i thought the youth did a great job this morning! you and richard are doing great with them :)

  4. Bobbi

    Kevin and I too were very moved, impressed and proud of the youth and leaders today. None of the youth are my children but I think of them as my kids. I may not know all of them personally (which is very shameful to say but true) but I love to be able to watch them serve the Lord and I am grateful that they do. Looking forward to seeing all you do with them and if I can ever help you in any way, “you have not because you ask not” to quote our dear Savior, in other words, just lemme know!

  5. Judy

    Oh, Melinda They were great. I was very glad I got to be there. I told Haley what she missed. The kids done great and also the leaders. I am very proud to call Mt. Wesley my home with such great people to be around. Now we know that Melinda can sing as good as anyone else. I loved the songs that you picked out. Thanks too all of you.

  6. Eric

    Judy I agree with everything but don’t get carried away with the singing. BLeet, but remember Melinda we are suppose to be sheep.

  7. Amy Barnes

    I think church went so wonderful. Such a blessing to see the youth at work for the Lord. They all done wonderful!!

    **And I find it amazing that Christopher picked the topic of worry… ha not me at all**

  8. melinda

    I find it funny that Christopher picked the topic of worry too … have you ever been shopping with him? And mr. smarty pants preacher man … there is no fear of me singing in public on any regular basis, Judy just couldn’t hear my bleeting for the beautiful voices of the teens. Besides someone has to stand behind you and make you feel blessed that we all have our places and mine is not in the choir. So what you fixin’ for dinner tomorrow night, tonight’s dinner was pretty dadgum good!

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