* hay y’all …

Posted on June 3rd, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Today was her last day of High School …


In a little over a week, she will graduate …


I’m not sure if she is excited or sad … probably a little of both!



growing up is a hard thing …


it’s a scary place to be …


but my guess is … she’ll pull her boots on and conquer whatever may come her way …


adjust her cowgirl hat …


smile that beautiful smile of hers …


be her goofy self …


enjoy taking it all in …


walk toward her future …


and accomplish every goal she has set for herself …


because that’s just who she is …


and we are so incredibly proud of who she is …



9 Comments on “* hay y’all …”

  1. Judy

    Congratulations Anna, You are such a beautiful person. May you have all your dreams come true.

  2. chrisi

    you’re so beautiful anna, inside and out. i’m so excited for you to be moving in soon! you will do great in college. i am so proud of the person you have become. love you!

  3. Michele

    Congratulations Nana Anna!! The kids are looking so forward to spending the summer together. I am so lucky to have you there. Love ya, from your little peeps, Chelsie & Logan.

  4. Amy Barnes

    Okay…like I had to find myself a kleenex.. I can’t believe she is already graduating…seems like yesterday we were doing sleepovers like every wkend.. man time flies by.

    Congrats Ms Anna.. You are so beautiful and I know you will do well in everything you set your mind to. LOVE YOU!!

  5. Bobbi

    Congratulations Anna!! I am sure God will bless whatever you decide to do in life as long as you remember to put Him first. Melinda, you have two very beautiful and sweet daughters. I am sure you are so proud of both of them. Congratulations on another mommy-milestone.

  6. Haley Hammer

    Congratulations Anna!! I am very happy for you. You are a great person and I know you will go far! I love your pics!

  7. Marjorie Markham

    Anna Banana,
    My how you have grown up from that cute little soccer girl. I loved every minute of helping coach you, and using you as a base runner for my softball team (along with Kevin and Crystal). I have watched you from the time you went to preschool to now and hope to watch your college years too. These pictures are awesome. You are so photogenic and carefree. I will miss sitting with you at the wrestling matches. Stay in touch and come watch Kevin. Love ya

  8. Jodie

    Congradulations Anna!!! Awesome pictures!!!
    You have a beautiful smile!!

  9. courtney

    Awww, Anna! These pictures are sooo good.

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