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Posted on June 16th, 2009 by melinda in camp town

My camper is naked! It has been pillaged, robbed & disrobed. I have spent two entire evenings hauling in everything out of my little vacation crib. Who knew you could fit so much stuff into a 28 foot portable metal box on wheels? I have gone through nearly an entire bottle of laundry detergent & fabric softner. My entire kitchen floor has been covered with towels, sheets, blankets, more blankets, pj’s I keep in the camper, dish towels and etc. You name it, I’ve probably washed it.

Now that the camper is empty of all the above stated stuff, I have no excuse not to give it a good cleaning. I am particular about my camper. Which is really odd since I am not particular about my house. I like that the camper forces me to be neat & organized or else my head will explode I get a little touchy. It’s different than kicking your dirty underwear out of the way in your house, in the camper, there is nowhere to kick it to or nothing to kick it under (to be found at a later date when you are down to your last pair of unholy underwear). However, I should mention that it is entirely possilbe to loose a size 12 pair of men’s flip flops in our camper, which in turn will cause my husband to be a butt grumpy. You can also loose your bra in the bath house if you aren’t extra careful. Which will in turn cause you to freak out while getting dressed for work because there is no way in creation you are going out of the camper braless. I mean, not that I’ve done that, I’ve just heard it could happen to some random camper person, not me.

I will be spending the next few days cleaning like a real Bentley should. I won’t be enjoying it. If you aren’t busy, feel free to come help me. Maybe I should just call my aunts to come clean the camper and when they finish there, they could move on to my house. Seriously, I don’t mind it … because this time next week, I will be sitting at my camper, hanging out with my front porch friends and relaxing. I might even chill with my bff Cat, her sister (also my sweet friend) Michele and the 30 other people we camp with. There will be enough kids running around to make me greatful for my quiet house and enough men to look after that I will be forever glad that you can only be married to one of them. Ahhh … vacation time … It cannot get here quick enough!


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