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Posted on July 5th, 2009 by melinda in camp town



Hi!  I am a little concerned that after 2 weeks & 2 days of not blogging … that A) I have forgotten how to type B) I have nothing to say or C) you won’t be interested if I do find something to say.  And with that said … I’m going to attempt my first post vacation post.  Be patient, I am out of practice.

We arrived back at the homestead around noon today, after a morning of packing, cleaning up & hooking up in the rain.  I am not going to complain about the rain.  Other than an after midnight storm one night, we had no rain the entire two weeks we were camping.  I couldn’t have ordered better weather out of the Sears & Roebuck catalog.  It wasn’t too hot during the days, we had a nice breeze most days and it was cool enough at night to enjoy sitting around the campfire, making smores, bisquits on a stick and roasted marshmellows.  I think God blessed us greatly in many ways including the weather. 

I must say that I am a little blah that vacation is over.  I truly think I could just live at the campground pretty much from Easter until Halloween and be content.  I like the peacefullness it brings.  I find it odd that the entire campground was full but it was never loud and didn’t seem croweded (well the pool was crowded a couple of days but thats what pools are for, isn’t it?)  I’m not sad to be home, I like my treller fine.  I think I’m sad that tonight, I won’t be sitting out on a porch or at the campfire, laughing at our kids, myself or the other adults hanging around.  I feel like for just a few days out of my normally busy schedule, I was blessed by getting  to drag my foot along the edge of the earth, slowing it down to a much more enjoyable pace.  I didn’t get to completely stop the world & get off but it certainly eeked along at a much slower speed.  It will be another year before we get to vacation for a long period of time and as I’ve learned in life, so many things can change in a years period of time.  Who knows what life will have in store for any of us over this next year.  I’m sure there will  be many short trips back to the campground before old man winter comes a callin’ and I am already counting the days until we get to go back.  For me personally, I think these last few weeks have been a gift to regroup from what had been a rocky couple of months.  To plant my feet back on firm ground, store up some energy and get ready to go a couple more rounds with the real world before my next everyday life dilemma rear’s it’s ugly little head. 

I have lots of pictures and funny stories to share, and hopefully, if I get time … I will get some of them posted later tonight.  I have missed our blog.  I have missed hearing from each of you.  You are all so very much a part of my everyday life, it seems odd to not have communicated here for these past weeks.  So, I hope you have enjoyed your break from our blog … but now … I’m back.  Let’s get to blogging y’all.


4 Comments on “* back on track …”

  1. Donna

    I am so happy you are back and had such a great time! I have really missed reading your blog while you were gone.

  2. melinda

    well thank you very much! I’m glad I’m back too.

  3. Bobbi

    Hey Melinda!
    I am glad you are back too. We just got back Sunday too and I have to admit, I was gone 10 days and everyday I checked your blog to see if you had gotten to post anything. I am looking forward to the pics. I am glad you had a great time and look forward to seeing you at the church house on Wed night! Luv ya, Bobbi

  4. Marjorie Markham

    I missed your blog! Glad to have you back at home even though I am in VA for the week with my niece who just had her first baby. I even got to watch the birth. It was fun to be on the other side with no pain. Glad to see you are rested and had a lot of fun. Cya around.

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