* Emma Joy’s very big day …

Posted on July 8th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Today was a big day in the life of the most beautiful 16 month old in the universe!  Emma Joy started pre school, daycare or whatever the cool thing to call it these days is.  Basically it was the first time in her life that she has not been with at least one of her daddies for more than say, oh an hour.   I must admit I was a little concerned.  Not so much for Emma Joy, more so for the daddies.   Although I must also say, I take great pleasure in watching my ultra in control of everything brother squirm a bit over this whole parenting thing.  Shall I share a story from long ago with you?  Ok, that was a rhetorical question, I was going to share it even if you had said no.


When Anna was about 12, she convinced her Nana that carmel highlights were the way to go for a 12 year old curly headed blond girl.  Her Nana finally gave in & took her to our friend & hair doer, ms. kim.  ms. kim also happened to be Anna’s very good friends aunt.  My mama (Nana) dropped Anna off with ms. kim & decided she would run some errands while Anna got her hair caramalized & I could pick her up on my way home from work.  I whoop in to ms. kim’s just as Anna is getting out of the spinny hair doing chair.  Let me put this mildly.  I FREAKED!  Her hair was not caramel, it wasn’t even in the soft  ,chewy,  sweet , caramel family.  It was dark mahogany brown/black.  I did not contain my Freaking out very well at all.  In fact, I made quite the scene right in the beauty shop.  As ms. kim was explaining that Anna’s hair “took” the color more than expected, I was busy “taking” Anna to the car.  I’m not sure who was crying more, me or Anna.  Poor ms. kim was in a bit of shock.  I screamed, I yelled, I threatened to shave her head, Anna’s not ms. kim’s, bald!  Her hair looked like my mamaw had died it with her soft & lovely black as a bat cave hair dye , straight from the grocery store to your kitchen chair.  Mamaw wasn’t much on gray hair, it did not match her red lipstick at all, however, the lovely black/blue shade matched red wonderfully.  I was sure Anna would never be leaving my house again.  I was going to be forced to quit my job, home school (at least while I still had a home) and never let her leave my sight for any reason ever again. 

In the midst of the crisis, my mother decides she should call and “warn” my brother of any impending phone calls he may receive from his lunatic sister concerning his neices new hair do.  I did call my oh so insightful little brother.  Like an idiot I dialed him right up and volunteered for the free lecture he was about to give me concerning my parenting or lack of parenting skills.  He kindly explained to me that I should let Anna be herself, let her express herself, allow her to feel loved & secure in her choices of hair color, pick my battles … blah blah blah blah blah!  I kindly explained to him that when he had a kid of his own (which I did not at that time dream would happen in this millinium) he could get back to me with his insightful parenting advice and until then he could,  um … bite me! 

As fate would have it, he is now a parent himself (not just him, he and brad are parents).  And let me just say on the record … I dream of ways to repay him for all the evil he has inflicted upon my attempts at parenting over the years.  I cannot wait until Emma Joy calls her auntie m up & wants to go to the beauty shop or tattoo parlor, cause you can bet your sweet fanny that auntie m will be making that 7 hour drive to TN at the drop of a dime.  I see piercings, and pink hair on the horizon.  I invision a day in which I will bring her home & his mouth fly open only for me to say tsk tsk tsk my dear little brother … let her be herself!  That big ole nose ring that looks like a booger is simply her being expressive.  Shall I call ahead to the hospital for your room on the crazy floor and ask them to heat up the cacuzzi for you … my favorite little brother?

ps: she had a wonderful time at day care and as far as I know … neither daddy ended up eating an entire bottle of valium.  And, happy 16 month old birthday today Emma Joy, your auntie m loves you!


4 Comments on “* Emma Joy’s very big day …”

  1. Thad

    Well, I have to admit the story is pretty much true. However, I am certain that we will follow all of that wonderful advice I gave you. Every fine detail, just look how much it helped your two girls!

  2. melinda

    I’m not sure that one can really count paying one’s neices a dollar for every minute they don’t talk is good parenting advice, even if you are trapped in a van with them for 15 hours driving thru yellow stone. I laugh everytime I think about that … it’s the quickest they’ve ever gone to sleep in their entire lives! I will admit, they certainly would not be the people they are today without the influence of their favorite uncles!

  3. melinda

    ps: did you just read an entire blog post?

  4. chrisi

    we’re not stupid, mom! we may have been aggrivating in that van but we were not dumb. i hope emma joy loves daycare/preschool. love you all :) !

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