* Anna needs your help …

Posted on July 12th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Welcome to the dog pound!  My husband and my youngest daughter are stray animal collectors.  In fact, other than our horses, all of the animals we have here at the petting zoo were at one time strays or plain ole abandoned in some way or another.  Our house seems to be a magnent for unwanted animals.  I knew yesterday when my aunt peggy called to ask us to keep her until Monday when she could call animal control that it was over … I knew once Richard saw her, there would be no phone call to the animal shelter.  Anna pretended to ride her around & find her home, only to be told by a neighbor that someone had sat her out several days ago on the side of the road.  I’m not sure I understand how or why people do that.  Our local animal shelter has an adoption program, that’s where Chrisi’s dog Bentley came from and our friends Greg & Michele’s dog, Chloe, came from there too.  My sister daddy’s dog, Janie, (please don’t ever mention to daddy or Janie that she is a dog) was adopted from a shelter, both of Thad & Brad’s dogs were adopted, along with their cat Wally and even some of their horses are rescued horses … I guess my point would be, animal adoption is a much better alternative than sitting an unwanted animal out along some random road.  It’s also an option I have and continue to highly encourage if you are ever looking for a pet. 


Bentley chilling with Richard.


Chloe on her golf cart limo.


the most spoiled creature on the planet … my dad’s dog Janie.


Richards’ dog Sadie & my dog Dozer.

Now, I need your help.  Anna cannot seem to pick a name for her new pup.  She has narrowed the list of 472 possibilities down to about 6.  If you would be so kind as to comment on your favorite, it would be greatly appreciated.  Here are the options:

1. massey (as in massey ferguson tractor, Richards 1st choice)

2. tilly (as in mom likes this one)

3. coalie (a combination of caitlin & colby, the dog finders)

4. rhine (as in rhinestone)

5. Tulsa (anna just thinks it sounds cool)

6. Zee (Jessie James’ wife’s name)

bonus choice: Lavender (because it makes me laugh my fanny off thinking about drunk campground Gary telling the story or “me too’s” dog’s name, that is a blog story all on it’s own)

Please help us out here … she really needs a name other than hey dog!


10 Comments on “* Anna needs your help …”

  1. chrisi

    i vote for tulsa and coalie.
    and trent said that people drive from all over to drop their unwanted pets off on the ole devils track road.

  2. Jodie

    I like Maggie or Delaney.
    Holly thinks she should be named Hershey.
    Sorry…didn’t help much did we?

  3. Marjorie Markham

    She could name it Lefty, meaning it was left on the side of the road! ok, my vote is for….Tulsa. Has a good ring when calling a dog.

  4. Malinda Butson

    I like Tulsa because it’s a cool name.

  5. chrisi

    i’m still fond of coco channel. :) coco for everyday purposes.

  6. melinda

    Anna, Earpie says she likes Tulsa but I’m at the computer so she can’t comment on her own name, she has no idea why she likes it she just says it sounds like a good name.

  7. courtney

    Chrisi, you make me laugh.

    I like Tulsa best, followed by Massey.

  8. katrina

    I agree with Chrisi, I like Coco or how Velvet, she looks like soft brown velvet.

  9. Amanda Lail

    Tulsa from the list but I do like Chrisi idea of Coco!

  10. Tanner "Tan-Man"

    My friend’s dog is named coco. Naming dogs is so darn hard, but i’ll go with coco.

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