* I don’t feel like thinking of a clever title tonight …

Posted on July 14th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Oh … only if you could see me now.  The laughter it would impart.  I am blogging to you tonight solely because I don’t think I can sleep one more second.  I have spent the past 6 hours cuddled up in my bed, in my winter flannel pajamas, socks (which are a big no no for me while sleeping) and two quilts piled on top of me. I am still in my little cacoon of semi comfort … thank goodness for WiFi.  I seem to have caught a bug of some sort that is not my friend.  I haven’t smoked in hours and don’t even care … yes, I feel that bad.  Coke has replaced my sundrop and soda crackers are within reach.  I have had several conversations with God in which I have done the talking, or should I say bargaining … it goes something like this: “Dear God, if you will please just not let me feel like I might puke all over the place, if you will please let my head stop pounding and if you will send some heat my way … I promise to get up from here and do something productive”.  So far … I’m still in bed.  Please feel free to skip my pitty party and continue on with your regularly scheduled evening.  Richard opted for the church ballgame.  If you happen to be in the ghetto neighborhood, please feel free to drop off some KFC mashed potatoes with gravy.  It’s the only thing I can even remotely think of to eat that doesn’t make me feel the need to dart quickly into the bathroom.   Hopefully this is one of those 24 hour buggie thing a ma bobs and in about 12 hours I should feel much better.  Until then …


8 Comments on “* I don’t feel like thinking of a clever title tonight …”

  1. Jodie

    Hope you feel better soon!!!!

  2. Amanda Lail

    Hope you get better soon!!!!

  3. Judy

    So sorry you are feeling bad. Hope you feel better soon. If I would have known I would have went and got you some potatoes.

  4. Bobbi

    Good morning Melinda, I am sorry to hear you are sick. I pray you start feeling better very soon. Get some rest if you can. Luv Ya, Bobbi

  5. Tish

    Sorry to hear you are sick, Hope you feel better soon. Melinda, i just have to say i made Chrisi’s summertime surprise pie and i am hooked.
    I LOVE IT.

  6. chrisi

    i’m glad you’re enjoying it tish! they are quite addictive, aren’t they?!

  7. Donna

    Hey Melinda. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. Lifting you up in prayer for a speedy recovery!!

  8. melinda

    Tisha … well bless your heart! All these months of reading the blog & you finally leave a comment. Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed the pie, I enjoy it very much when Chrisi makes us one. I don’t even attempt it, she does such a good job. Hope to see you soon.

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