* the glorious biscuit on a stick …

Posted on July 17th, 2009 by melinda in camp town


I’ve had several of you ask “what is a biscuit on a stick” … well I’m not going to tell you.  You’ll just have to come camping with us and find out.  Ok, that’s a lie, I like y’all and all but I am not about to pile all of you  in my summer vacation home and tote you to the campground.  So, I’ll just try my best to explain it here and now.

I’m not sure where biscuits on a stick originated.  I can tell you that my initial introduction to the oh so sweet treat of biscuits on a stick came from my friend Shelly.  Unlike me, Shelly is very crafty with all sorts of things.  I do good to roast a marshmellow without dropping it in the fire. 

This favorite past time of ours can be done over any open fire, you are not required to be at a campground (although they probably taste better if you are at a campground).  You will need the following:

1. sticks that you beg someone to make you to hold your biscuits to be roasted.  (I would ask David if I were you or you could go with my theory and never camp without your bff Cathy who already has biscuit on a stick sticks that David made her). basically, they are just broom handle size sticks sharpened at the end and tappered down a bit. I’m sure anyone could make them.  Anyone except me, that is.

2. canned biscuits, the cheap kind work just peachy.  No need to be spending a lot of dough (I crack myself up sometimes).

3. jelly, jam or pie filling any flavor … either will work nicely.  (hint: do not get out your fresh apple or strawberry butter that you bought yourself during your day outting with your bff if you plan to have any left to bring home, cause you won’t, the little buzzards will eat it all and then lick the jars clean and then, they will pretend like you didn’t bring them any and get out the store bought stuff out).

4. cooking spray.

5. a fire.

6. good friends

Build ya up a far in the far pit (that was southern slang for: start you a nice fire) … let it burn down a little, you don’t want too much flame cause that’ll burn your bisquit and burnt biscuits are bad under any circumstances!  While you wait, you can begin to prepare your stick.  Here are the steps to follow, very simple, very easy steps:

hold your stick in your hand & spray with cooking spray (not the entire stick stupid, just the part the bisquit will be on).

pop the el cheapo biscuit can (this may sound somewhat like a fat woman taking off her lycra shorts) and grab ya a biscuit out. 

this is important … flatten the biscuit out, stretch it, pull it.  make it thin enough to see through and about the size of a small pancake.

wrap the biscuit diagonally (like a funnel shape) around the stick, starting at the pointed end.  make sure to pinch the end shut so your filling won’t fall out.

hold it at a safe distance over the fire, turning slowly at all times.  do not, and I repeat, do not burn the biscuit.  it will take you approximately 5 minutes to properly roast it to it’s perfect toasty golden brown color and the middle won’t be doughy either.

let biscuit cool before removing it from the stick, otherwise you will be dancing around the fire like an indian doing a rain dance cause you just burnt your finger, all the while someone else will be eating the biscuit you just threw in their lap and you are slap outta luck plus you have a burnt finger.

fill the inside of the biscuit with your favorite goodie.  my favorite is strawberry jam.  if you are really industrious you could drop a little butter down inside for some added goodness but I didn’t have any butter out by the fire. 

this treat is a hit with both kids and adults.  try it and let me know if you love it too!

mmhhmm enjoy!


10 Comments on “* the glorious biscuit on a stick …”

  1. Tanner

    meilnda if you are makin us go down there to find out what a bisquit on a stick is, that would be judlst cruel!

  2. melinda

    mr. tan man, why would that be cruel? you already know about bisquits on a stick? mostly I want y’all to come down here so I can teach you how to talk right, eat livermush & drink sundrop. Any of that sound any better?

  3. Jodie

    We would be down in a heartbeat if we could! I hope some day we can.Or ya’ll can come up here so I can make my special dishes with black and green olives for Chrisi :~)

  4. Frannie....

    I first learned of bisquits on a stick when I was a Girl Scout. We did that at camp.
    HeHe…..I bet you didn’t know that about me.

  5. melinda

    no I did not know you were a girl scout! but my question is … why did I not know you knew about bisquits on a stick all these years?

  6. Amanda Lail

    yum, livermush, sundrop, fresh hot bisquits on a stick….omw to your house Melinda all I have is livermush and its the good kind, homemade by my Pawpaw!! Hope you got the Sundrop, bisquits and the fire going!!!!!

  7. chrisi

    yuckkkk jodie! i hated those olives!! you guys need some real southern food :)

  8. Jodie

    what…livermush……………blah!!!!No, thank you. :~)

  9. melinda

    jodie, you have no idea what you’re missing by not eating livermush. it’s a delicacy woman! and when y’all come to visit, we’ll feed you all kinds of southern food then put your kids on a horse or a bull of some sort!

  10. Jodie

    Melinda…. Well aren’t you the funny the one today…….NOT!!!!
    A horse…yes…a bull…no. When I think of southern food….. I am thinking all the yummy desserts…certainly not livermush. BLAH!!!!
    Chrisi..do you remember what you made us when you were here? The kids and I woould love for you to come and make them again.

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