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Posted on July 18th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

clean house

I’m just curious.  Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.  Thank you.

#1. am I the only person on earth who cannot manage to keep a house clean for more than 13 hours straight?

#2. how does a house get so messy when you aren’t even here to mess it up?

#3. if I am doing laundry, while playing on the computer … does that count as cleaning house?

#4. why is it necessary for a toilet to be clean? it’s not like you aren’t going to dirty it right back up.

#5. is it more important to mow grass or clean inside or neither?

I will sit here patiently waiting on your answers.  And then I will explain to Richard that the house isn’t clean cause I was waiting on y’all to answer.  I’m sure he will be thrilled with that explanation.


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  1. Jodie

    1.No, your not the only one
    2.It gets messy because of the dogs…that’s it..yea..the dogs(that can’t talk back)
    3.It certainly does count, my dishwasher is cleaning the dishes while I am playing on the computer.
    4.Sorry….yea the toliet does need clean ..other wise….lets just say “yuk”.
    5.Depends which day you are asking….and how long it has been for one or the other.

    Hope that helps!! Have a great night!!!!

  2. Frannie....

    Most of those are valid questions. Now, can you explain to me how a house with only 2 people living there gets dirty.

  3. melinda

    I think it’s cause elves sneek in when we’re gone & mess the house up.

  4. Amanda Lail

    1. no you are not alone!!

    2. its called messy house ghost, they are there you just cant see em!

    3. it sure does, you put them in the washing machine and added the detg. so that counts as doing something! Just like putting dishes in the dishwasher and turning it on!

    4. depends on if your dogs drink out of it or not? only you can answer that question. not saying they do but some animals do when their owners are not around.

    5. mow the grass, cause ppl drive by and always see the outside and when they come by you can always sit on the lawn and chat with them!

    Hope that helps some! Hope to get back to church soon, my car is almost fixed!!! old motor out, new motor ready to go in!!!

  5. purejoy

    All very valid questions. i agree. a clean house is a wasted life. so glad you apparently have one (a life, that is).
    my mom was so clean, all the color would drain out of her face when my sister and i would mention making cookies. like we’d all be carted off by ants if we spilled a speck of flour or sugar. i don’t know how we learned to cook. seriously!
    take a deep breath. exhale.
    be one with the dustbunnies.
    be one with the toilet rings.
    be one with the shower scum.
    now don’t you feel better?

  6. melinda

    I do feel better. I like dustbunnies.

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