* lets get ready to rumble ….

Posted on July 19th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

If everyone would be so kind as to hum the Rocky theme song in your heads in unison, it would be ever so helpful in setting the tone of this post.  Last night, this kid (young man)


decided it would be a good idea to give his loving parents


a near nervous breakdown.

He is a really great kid.  I love him like he belongs to me, but this kid has no good sense of danger or fear.


wrestling a steer just wasn’t quite enough action for him …


playing a little football? pshh that’s for sissy boys!

and a sissy boy he is not … he had a much better plan.  A more manly plan.  An insane plan.  What might that have been?  Well lets just say it involved a little help from this slow learner 72 lb manly man …


and one of these … (my boyfriends back and he’s gonna be in trouble)


He put these on …


well maybe not the capri chaps, but some that look sorta like them …

he pulled on his boots …


you just gotta love a boy in some cowboy boots!

He prayed … we all prayed.


his daddy said “get back down there and pray a little more boy”!


Bradley got everything ready in shoot gate #2 (I’m not sure why we all trust Bradley & his cowboying skills so much, but we do … he’s a talented cowboying kind a guy)


and then … well then, he did this!


and he walked away … alive!


I bet he will have a sore  


come morning time.

but other than his elbow being a little bruised & swollen …


he is just fine!


As crazy as I think riding a bull may be … he could be doing a whole lot worse things.  Christopher, we are all so very proud of you.  You did good.  There is no reason to ever do it again, but you did good.  I love you.


2 Comments on “* lets get ready to rumble ….”

  1. Amanda Lail

    those crazy cowboys!!! glad he is ok!!

  2. Michele

    Christopher, you done great. I agree with Melinda, you have made your point, now stay off that bull. You have put wicked ideas in your little cousin’s head. He now wants to ditch football and go into the rodeo business too. He says he will play it safe and start with the sheep though. Great Job!!

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