* what I’ve not been doing …

Posted on July 23rd, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

I’m having a blog funk.  I truly cannot think of one interesting thing to write about.  Fortunately or unfortunately for blog content my life is quite boring these days.  I haven’t had one harrowing near death debit card experience lately.  I’ve not lost a dog, threatened to kill a dog or gotten any new dogs in over a week now.  Although, speaking of dogs, my psychotic younger daughter decided her dog was not loving the name Godiva so she changed it to Tulsa.   Which worked out really handy for several reasons: a) Richard doesn’t call the dog Gordova, Cordova or Tulsa on purpose incorrectly any longer b) I don’t sound like I’m taking the Lord’s name in vain everytime I take the dog outside & have to call her back to the house c) the dog is not right bright and had no clue she had a name to begin with.   I also have not had any bad or unusual poop bowel movement experiences in a good long while.  I hope I did not just jinx myself.  I have not beaten, mamed, grounded or yelled at either of my kids in at least 2 days.  Or Richard.  I haven’t started a new book, watched any movies, picked my nose … wait, I didn’t mean to say that, done manual labor, cooked anything new or gone on any sort of vacation in the last week or so.  

I have been being held hostage by the remote control operator that I married.  If I have to watch or listen to one more episode of Repo Man, The Verminators, Deadliest Catch, Pinks or Ax Men, I might just throw up in my mouth.  The only saving grace about Richard being in the house watching tv is there is not an ER or NCIS marathon going on right now.  I am very thankful for small blessings.  Please leave me a comment or email me, reminding me that I love my husband and I’m grateful he is spending “quality” time with me.

I’m a more than a little concerned about the lack of goings on around here.  It’s not normal.  It feels like the calm before the storm and that is making me antsy.  As lazy as I am, I need stuff going on around me. Not stuff that involves me getting off my fannie, let’s not get crazy here.  I mean funny, good blogging stuff.   Could one of y’all please get arrested, get pregnant unexpectedly, win the lottery or do something interesting so I can blog about it?  No? Not sounding like a good plan for ya?  Well sometimes you just have to take one for the ole blog team.  Remember, there is no I in team.   However, Anna will quickly point out that there is a Me in team.  She’s very helpful in the area of pointing such things out. 

Since I have been doing nothing interesting lately .. head down to the comments section and share with us all something interesting you’ve been doing.  I’m about to be bored. 


11 Comments on “* what I’ve not been doing …”

  1. Jodie

    Melinda..Remember what you just e-mailed me about marriage? “Quality” time is a good thing.:~)

  2. purejoy

    oh rock on with the boredom! it won’t be long before there’s full blown activity again. such is the way of the world.
    at least your husband uses a remote. mine keeps it on the one channel. . . fox news.

  3. Marjorie Markham

    I will have to admit, I have not done a lot this summer and it feels good.

  4. Frannie....

    Sorry you are bored…
    I will not get arrested just to give you some entertainment or something to blog about. I can just here it now…..THE DAY I HAD TO BAIL MY FAVORITE MOTHER-IN-LAW OUT OF JAIL….VERY FUNNY!!!!!!
    Getting pregnant is out of the question as I discovered what causes that ailment years ago. If you are really bored, head on over here for the yard sale in the morning. Love ya….F

  5. melinda

    Paahhhleeezzeee get arrested! that would be the best blog story ever! who’s having a yard sale? and if it starts before 10 am you ain’t gonna see me. love you.

  6. Frannie....

    Stephen and Michelle …. having yard sale….bring your junk and join the fun…..no junk cars please.

  7. melinda

    your son says and I quote “tell my mama we don’t have any junk cars, they are antiques” duh! are you cooking breakfast? i would really like to have some creamy rice. i will even get up early.

  8. courtney

    I just got home from the beach. Nothing entertaining to report from our neck of the woods…

  9. Amanda Lail

    oh I have lots you could blog about, but I wont go there!! my claws are out and ready to fight!!

  10. melinda

    hope you had a wonderful time, miss you & love you. elizabeth is convinced you’ve ditched her. tell your mommy i miss & love her too

  11. chrisi

    mmmmm…mawmaw, creamy rice sounds gooooood :)

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