* me & wsoctv …

Posted on July 24th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Holy cow … do I have a picture to share with y’all.  Our office was abuzz today with work related stuff.  I seldom write about work and I’m not going to tonight, but I will post a link to the news worthy events of the day.  It’s all public record so … I’m not spreading rumors or gossip.  Cause, I’m not one to go round spreadin’ rumors … I’m really not the gossipy kind,  no, you’ll not hear me repeating gossip … so you better be sure & listen close the first time.  I am so sorry you just had to read that, I tried to stop but myself … I really did.  I couldn’t help it.  How many of you know where that little diddy of a tune came from?

Now see what happens when I sing?  I disrupt the harmony of the universe … there are dogs howling loudly all over the place saying “what the crap was that horrendous noise”?

Getting back to my day.  Our office was full of reporters & tv people.  We have a rule about talking to reporters about cases in our County … it’s a big fat no no.  Like the kind of no no that will get you fired quickly.   However, we can talk to them about things like the weather and non court related stuff.  Like my blog!  No, I did not try to talk any reporter into doing a feature story about our blog … not that I didn’t consider it, I just happen to be poor & need my job, thus I used my better judgment and opted not to ask.  I do hear that Micah, our local paper’s reporter, reads our blog on occassion. 

But, just for fun … I did pose for a picture with the only tv personality I have ever met in person.  I’m a tad sheltered.  I was chicken at first to ask, but after some encouragement from the ole bff … I asked if he would take a picture for our blog.  He gladly obliged & did just that. 


Go check out the story he was reporting on today http://www.wsoctv.com/news/20170333/detail.html.  I just hate I wasn’t wearing purple.  If you don’t know why purple is essential when the media is around … the next time you see Chief Deputy Bowman, be sure you ask him why it’s important to always have a purple shirt on hand.


3 Comments on “* me & wsoctv …”

  1. Frannie....

    Hehe….did you ask him for his autograph?

  2. melinda

    nope, I didn’t think about it. but he is actually a really nice guy. mostly I just get all nervous when the media is around cause you know I am prone to open and/or stick my foot in my mouth at the worst times.

  3. Amanda Lail

    Dave is a good guy, I actually did an interview with him back a few years ago when my next door neighbor got murdered.

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