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Posted on July 26th, 2009 by melinda in The Church House


Have I ever told y’all that I love Sundays?  I mean the day of the week Sunday, but I do like ice cream sunday’s too.  I know y’all would’ve never in a million years guessed that.  I like going to church.  I really really like going to my church.  You know why?  Well, there are too many reasons to name but lets start with the obvious … I enjoy going to worship (if mr. preacher man happens to read this, please note that I have been paying attention, unlike Anna someone whom will remain nameless).  I especially like that down at the church house we have a variety of ways in which we worship and none of them include snakes.  I like the preaching, although sometimes my toes get stepped on.


Mr. preacher man’s a pretty good guy most of the time.

I like the fellowship, some of my favorite people in the world are at the church house. 


I like Sunday School, I have a really great teacher … oh wait, I’m the teacher, I meant to say, I have a really great class.  But my favorite … my greatest enjoyment is the singing!  Now keep in mind, I cannot sing a lick.  Or should I say I can’t bleet a lick? 


I don’t think there is any kind of music I don’t enjoy, except maybe polka music, I don’t think we southerners appreciate or understand the concept of polka music.  At the church house, we have all different kinds of music, which makes me happy.  I like old gospel, but I also like contemporary music too.  Last Sunday was a special treat for me.  My husband, both of my daughters & a bunch of young adults that I love, picked some music and sang.  I kicked back & sang along quietly to myself as not to disturb the singing going on in front of me.  How can you not sing along with I’ll Fly Away & Will The Circle Be Unbroken?  I think it’s a rule that you have to at least hum along. 

I’m curious, if you go to church (if you don’t, we’d love to have you … we ain’t picky at the church house) what is your favorite part of the worship service at your church house? 

Chrisi’s favorite part of worship is … playing the piano!


sometimes she gets so excited …


Annette has to give her okigen oxygen!


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