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What a week.  I’ve had a really good but long week.  We’ve had VBS down at the Church House every night this week and it has whooped the ole fanny pimple and all.   I must say, it has been an experience.  We’ve been blessed with an abundance of children, teens and adults all week.  Bobbi, our VBS director, has done a great job of organizing, recruiting, decorating and directing.  Better her than me.  She is gifted in those areas and God bless her for her go getter style. The teens have done an exceptional job of driving me insane asking questions about things not pertaining to the lesson at all.  I love them, but I am convinced that they have all plotted together this entire week to see just how long it would take me to pull my hair out.  I’m not sure God intended me to be a youth leader.  I think they are smarter than I am.  Ok, they may not be smarter, but they are some inquisitive little tricksters.  I’m pretty sure they passed around a list of the top 10 things you should never ask your youth director and asked them proudly in the order they were assigned to them.  I’ll be honest … I had to call in mr. preacher man for some back up help.  But, I suppose the more important thing is this … they were all there every night, we even grew in numbers during the week.  They weren’t out doing non constructive things, so I will chalk it up to a good week.  I am excited to see the future blessings down at the Church House from all the participation from everyone this week.

I thought I would share a couple of my favorite things from VBS:

1. the music

2. the fellowship with not only kids, but with adults that I may not normally get to spend much time hanging out with.

3. watching the kids, especially the smaller ones, dance and sing and play all while learning about God’s promises.

4. watching my daughters, Randall, Amy, Haley & Bradley (all young adults) show up, take vacation days and give of their time for our VBS. 

5. wow! the adults turned it out this year.  I am a tad jealous I was teaching & didn’t get to attend the adult class, I’m telling y’all our adults rock.  I love them like a fat girl not me loves cake.

6. I learned that Lorie W. can whoop up some good food.  She is a Paula Dean lover which qualifies her to be in my inner circle of really great cooking friends.  I have got to get her ooie gooie cake recipe from last night & share  it with y’all.  Anna literally scraped the dish for the last couple of bites.

7. I know why I do not volunteer to be in charge of crafts.  Crafts are not my area of expertise. 

8. adult snacks were my dinner all week and it was so nice not to have to come home & cook after a long day.  thank you to everyone who prepared food.  Peggy and Cathy are the snack masters!  I’ve done snacks a couple of years with Peggy, let me tell you … she has VBS snack doing down to a fine science.

9. I’m so thankful for Denise & Cindy … they were in charge of the nursery kids.  They looked like mama cats with a bunch a kittens hanging off of them.  Bless them.

10. most importantly, I am so greatful for the way our Church House came together, each person using their abilities in service to Christ.  I am thankful for the many sacrifices of time, money and patience.  If one child, teen or adult gained a greater understanding of our wonderful God, then it was worth every second, every penny and every hair pulling moment.


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  1. courtney

    YAY! I love VBS & I’m glad that yours was such a hit.

  2. Amanda Lail

    hate I missed it! my car still isnt done!!!! and found out this week that I have 5 ovarian cyst and no insurance so trying to shrink them with medication instead of surgery. if ya dont mind ask the church to say a prayer for me please!

  3. melinda

    Amanda, I am sorry to hear you are having some medical issues and I would be absolutely glad to add you to our prayer list at church. We missed having y’all at VBS. Come on back or give me a call, I’ll come pick you & the grater up at the same time. Mini isn’t too small for all of us to pile up in.

  4. Amanda Lail

    Thanks for the offer Melinda, I might have to take u up on that when I can get up and move around!

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