* oh deer me …

Posted on August 9th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

I have a confession to make.  My husband is out of town and while he’s been gone, well … I have been hanging out with some pretty shady characters.  They are sly little devils.  I practically have to sneek up on them.  And then, when I do see them, they act all shy and bashful & high tail it off as quickly as they can.  I must be pretty scary looking!  You’d think they might wanna come chill with me … kick back, eat a snack or grab a cool drink … but, nooo.  They just want to hang out on the fringe of society alone, acting like they are better than me.  Snobby boogers!  I did however, get them to stand still long enough for a few quick pictures to share with y’all.  I had to explain to them, that being on our blog might improve their image and maybe people wouldn’t be hating on them all the time & trying to shoot at um and eat um and such.  I’m not sure they were in agreement, they said something about Bambi somebody … something about  how the last time they made the “big time” it didn’t work out so great for um.   I reassured them, that our blog was a safe place for them to galavant around, so no target practice using the blog. 




Ok, so I have taken to having pretend conversation with deer.   Maybe that should be a sign to me that I am truly missing my dear



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  1. chrisi

    how cool! was this in the backyard? i’m sorry you miss richard… but i’m glad i get to hang out with you tomorrow night! love youu!

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