* redneck carnival ride …

Posted on August 13th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

we are easily entertained.






For a small fee … Anna will take you for a ride on her uncles big orange tractor.  She may or may not bring you back, you just never know with that girl.

ps: they must have skipped the section on safety while reading the tractor user’s manual. 


6 Comments on “* redneck carnival ride …”

  1. purejoy

    ohmystars! skipped the section on safety? ya THINK?? hilarious. and since i’m from tennessee, good ole redneck fun don’t get any better than when it’s with a tractor!!

  2. Amy Barnes

    LOVE IT!!

  3. Jason

    If only it was a John Deere

  4. Jason

    Oh and I want a ride! haha

  5. courtney

    Oh Anna! That looks like fun! :)

  6. chrisi

    i’m not sure i would trust anna as the driver.
    however, i love this new layout! way cool :)

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